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Donald Trump has upended the Republican party — some say destroyed it, though that’s over-stating the case — by running an anti-establishment campaign in the primaries. By winning so many primary contests (in so many states), he has proven that his messages resonate with a large population of the American people.

Many fail to notice how many primaries allow open voting (i.e., Democrats and vote in the Republican primary, and vice versa), and also fail to notice how many Democrats support Trump.

This is why Trump can win it all (whether you like him or hate him): he transcends both parties.

Here is a comment from last night’s West Virginia voting in the Democrat primary, which Bernie Sanders won big (emphasis added):

Given a choice between Trump and Clinton, one third of West Virginia Democrats said they would vote Trump, and another 20 percent said they wouldn’t vote at all. <ABC News, link>

One third of Democrats would vote for Trump over Hillary Clinton…

On top of this, Trump is no Mitt Romney. As we recall, painfully, Mitt Romney was afraid to sling the political mud against Barack Obama, even as Obama was ripping him to pieces in every way possible.

As for Trump, we already have been shown a taste of what Hillary is going to face:

Hillary has bad judgment!

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So Bill Clinton is taking out the bully stick against the Republican Congress.

“That unprecedented obstruction these last eight years is their legacy…” <Huffington Post, link>

Many friends and family of mine fail this basic test of American Constitutional government (as does Slick Willie when he talks like this) by not realizing that the Founding Fathers created gridlock in our national government on purpose.

By design.

The Founders feared an overly meddlesome and corrupt central power, and trusted in the local wisdom and self-government of the citizenry. If national politicians fought with each other, then so much the better because they would be less likely to do bad things. And if they really wanted to get anything done, they would have to compromise with each other. Either way, the system was deemed to be working.

But there is a much more fun argument to make in the face of Liberals who get so upset about the allegedly evil “Republican obstructionism” and Republicans who exist solely to “stop Barack Obama at every turn”.

Here is a hint:

Trump makes a point

This man, Donald Trump, scares Liberals more than any man I can remember. It is breathtaking in fact — I believe they may be having night sweats about the prospect of him becoming president of the United States.

And so I ask these Liberals: if your dream of a Democrat party takeover of Congress comes true, and Trump is the president, how will you feel when Democrats in Congress “exist solely to stop Donald Trump”?

Will you claim that “Democrats are the problem in Washington”?

Will you blame Democrats for “obstruction” and chastise them for “not finding common ground” with the president?

No, you won’t.

You will forget you ever vilified Republicans in Congress for the very same behavior you will beg your Democrats to exhibit on your behalf.

Because you are blinded by partisanship, rather than enlightened by the Founders’ design.


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It pained me today to read this bit of news:

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will make a “major speech” on the 2016 White House race on Thursday, Fox News reported on Wednesday.

Fox News said there was no sign that Romney was set to enter the 2016 race, citing people close to the 2012 White House hopeful.

The speech is scheduled to begin at 11:30 a.m. EST. <Huffingtonpost.com, link>

Like most people, I expect that Mitt might be crazy enough to throw his hat into the ring for the Republican nomination tomorrow, no doubt spurred on by the Republican establishment’s horror that Donald Trump is on track to win the nomination.

Although I thought in 2012 that Mitt Romney would have made an excellent president, the fact that he could not take his gloves off and rip apart Barack Hussein Obama’s character, his track record, and everything he stands for, disqualifies him from being the future Republican nominee.

You see, Mitt, you can’t just be “right for the job”, you have to WIN the job, and to do that you need to be willing to fight for it.

And you were not willing to fight for it in 2012, when you should have easily beaten a man who destroyed American health care while Wall Street got away with murder (not to mention running guns to Mexican drug cartels and then covering up such treachery).

Barack Obama destroyed your character in Ohio for nearly a year while you said and did nothing in return.

You think you have the stomach to take on Criminal Hillary Clinton in the general election?

No, you don’t. You are weak against Democrats who are willing to play dirty, and if you can’t win the job then you should not be the nominee.

Please stay at home, Mitt. You had your chance, and you let a man who obviously hates the United States beat you.

If you can’t beat Obama after such a disastrous first term, then you can’t beat anybody.

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I have been on my own roller-coaster of reactions to the Trump candidacy, as The Donald (his NYC nickname for many years) gyrates and gesticulates with characteristic bombast.

Like many people, I have found his outspoken and off-script comments to be a breath of fresh air after suffering through several decades of presidents and presidential candidates who tailor(ed) their every syllable to be in alignment with whatever their pollster-gurus were/are advising them.

But also like many people, I have been put off by many of his incendiary comments, particularly his personal attacks on various people (including many fellow Republicans) who provoked him in one way or another.

As his knee-jerk retaliations continue to pile up, it occurred to me that Donald Trump may be in danger of being too much like Sonny Corleone from the Godfather.

Sonny and Donald

If you don’t remember the movie and this particular character (played brilliantly by James Caan), let me refresh your memory and my point will become quite obvious.

The Godfather, played by Marlon Brando, had three sons, and each one had a particular personality that informed the narrative arc in the movie: Michael (Al Pacino) was the favorite son and had a blend of smarts, naiveté, and earnest loyalty; Fredo (John Cazale) was the runt and had an obvious array of vulnerabilities; and Sonny (James Caan) was the hothead who was powerful and impulsive.

Sonny’s Downfall, or why a short fuse can lead to ruin

What worries me about Donald Trump’s tendency to fly into a rage of retaliation at the slightest provocation is that enemies (of which the world is chock full) can too easily gain the upper hand with such people, and Sonny’s fate in the movie is perhaps the most classic fictional depiction of this idea in action.

Sonny and Donald 2

The synopsis is this (spoiler alert, though if you have never seen the Godfather, then something is wrong with you!!): members of a rival crime family plot to kill Sonny by staging a provocation — Sonny’s sister’s husband slaps her around to the point where she calls him in tears and anguish — that lures Sonny (in a rage) into his car and through a toll booth, at which he is machine-gunned to death.

The plot worked because every ounce of Sonny’s reaction and behavior was predictable: his rage, his immediate recourse (get in the car to speed to the rescue), and his route, and he delivered himself easily into the hands of his enemies.

Sonny's car at the toll booth

The list of Trump’s knee-jerk (and then escalating) retaliations is long and the style and content of them reveal a loss of control that reminds me of Sonny to some degree.

Senator John McCain referred to Trump’s supporters as “crazies”, and so Trump quickly declared that McCain is “not a war hero” and then later called him a “dummy” as the “feud” escalated. Similarly, Trump’s “feud” with Megyn Kelly of Fox News began with a string of insults that gained, not lost, steam.

Sonny and Donald 3

Seeing Trump allowing himself to get hooked on these “feuds” is disheartening, to say the least. People fault Trump for taking controversial political views, such as building a wall along the southern border, but it is his demeanor in these petty spats with all manner of people that make me feel his is unfit for the office of the presidency.

Then again, Barack Obama has so sullied the office of the presidency there can be no further damage done to it.

In any event, Mr. Trump, listen to me now and believe me later: be less like Sonny Corleone and more like Michael, and you just might win the nomination and then the presidency. Check out this bit of news after Thanksgiving — the guy’s a contender for sure (Daily Caller, link):

Thanksgiving news about Trump

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I have written a few times that the United States does not deserve the strength of its currency or its ability to borrow more money to fund more reckless deficit spending if looked at in pure economic terms:

  • Our balance sheet is a disaster, thanks to Barack Obama, with now more than $18.3 trillion in debt in an economy that is about $17.4 trillion in size.
  • The Federal Reserve has kept interest rates near zero for over SIX YEARS, fueling a stock market bubble and robbing itself of any power to influence the economy if it slips back into recession (the Fed cannot drive interest rates below zero).
  • Meanwhile, the current and future costs of entitlements, which now include the monstrosity known as Obamacare, are skyrocketing, leaving over $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities for the nation to default on as we all grow older.

And yet our massive federal deficits each year continue to be financed in large part by foreign nations….their willingness to hold dollars defies the fundamentals of our situation.

And at the same time the Federal Reserve can print dollars 24/7 without fear of trashing the currency in world foreign currency markets, as would happen to any other nation that flooded its economy with so much paper currency.

And So not only can the USA print its own money, even wildly, with no consequences, it can also borrow itself blind, with no apparent consequences.

How can this be?

There is only one reason, and it is not a reason that you’ll see in economics text books: The United States can get away with this reckless conduct because it is the dominant global superpower, possessing large military forces enabled by the most advanced military technology.

Yes, The American fighting man is the reason that politicians can continue to throw orgies of runaway spending and flood the economy with dollars without consequences.

Marines raising the stars and stripes on the battlefield

Now, do we like to borrow money and then thumb our nose at the lenders of that money, because we are a superpower?

Stephen Colbert apparently does.

He said this to Donald Trump last night:

At a certain point, does it even matter how much we owe, because it’s like trillion, quadrillion what does it matter? Come and get us, we’ve got the armies, right? What are they going to do?

Yes, he actually said the phrase “what does it matter” about the serious issue of our national debt, and touted the great American military as the ultimate backstop against accountability.

Let’s recall who else used a similar phrase, “what difference does it make”:

Hillary what difference does it make on Benghazi

Here’s the thing, Stephen: our federal debt, now heading towards $20 trillion and bigger than our entire annual economic output since the early years of Obama’s first term, DOES matter, and to say it doesn’t undermines the notion that you are somehow a savvy commentator.

Or maybe no one believes you are a savvy commentator, I don’t really know.

But you have a voice being heard in the media, and need to own when you take a shameful Hillary Clinton “what does it matter” stance on things that do matter.

So if you are a Liberal, and you are proud of Obama’s latest infamy — accepting thousands of Syrian refugees — just know that (a) we cannot afford to take them, we are bankrupt, and (b) the only reason there is the illusion of wealth in this country is because of that thing you probably hate: the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.

But you owe it all to them, and never forget that.

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Those interested in history know that newspapers used to be openly, heavily partisan (particularly in the 19th century); the appealing notion of there being a moral imperative to be objective when reporting is a relatively modern concept (here is an interesting link on this subject: The Fall and Rise of Partisan Journalism).

We all know the reality in today’s times: supposedly objective media are most certainly slanted to the Left or Right.

What amuses me this morning is the dueling coverage of Donald Trump’s appearance last night on the Stephen Colbert show.

Trump Colbert

YahooTVHere is a headline from Yahoo TV:


PoliticoHere is a headline on the same topic, from Politico.com:


So which is it?

As I read the transcript of the back and forth, what jumped out at me is how reserved Trump was — a stark contrast to his bombastic style — and how this allowed him to avoid the many traps Colbert had set for him. Trump fell into exactly zero of those traps, and came off looking strong and yet more diplomatic than he generally has been able to conduct himself.

Here is one example of Colbert’s attempt at provocation and outright mockery, in which Colbert:

…suggested an addition to Trump’s famous wall to separate the U.S. and Mexico: adding “a moat filled with fire.”

To which Trump replied that:

…he wants it to also have “a big fat door,” so that immigrants “can come into the country — legally.” 

Note that Trump’s measured response brushes off the incendiary nature of the question / accusation.

Keep it unlocked for anyone who wants to enter, if believe in open borders.

Keep it unlocked for anyone who wants to enter, if believe in open borders.

What’s clear to me is that Trump has been working on modulating himself and his messages, and is succeeding in doing so. This simple reference to a “big fat door” in the border wall that would allow legal immigration while keeping out illegal immigration is exactly the right policy any sane nation should have. Such a policy is sound and impossible to oppose, unless you believe in open borders — come one come all, with no papers and no accountability. (And if you are one of those people, please send me your home address because I’d like to come over and help myself to all the food in your refrigerator once a week, thank you very much. Make sure to keep the door unlocked at all times, because in your mind, barriers should not exists between us, right?).

Let’s see what Politico.com meant by saying that Colbert “bested” Trump. Here is a recounting of the back and forth at one point:

Colbert then went on offense on the subject of money, one of Trump’s fortes.

“The Republican Party has been a big pusher of the idea that money is speech, and you’re a $10 billion mouth,” jabbed the host.

“That’s another way of looking at it,” Trump responded diplomatically.

“The other people out there want some of your money. Ted Cruz was on last night. He asked me to ask you if you’d give him a billion dollars,” said Colbert, referencing a Monday night interview with the Texas senator.

“Sounds good. Sounds good. He’s a good man, actually,” said Trump of his Republican rival, who has publicly aligned himself with the frontrunner even as most of the rest of the field has condemned him.

Trump sounds presidential during this exchange — measured yet brutally effective in letting Colbert’s cutting comments go off a cliff into nowhere.

The appearance was a home run for Trump in my opinion. He expended little energy while neutralizing a bombastic opponent.

And so the Politico.com headline is garbage, and they should be ashamed of themselves.


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Hillary Clinton is a disaster for the country (obviously), but also for the Democrat party (also obvious to most people, except a few lunatic celebrities).

Bernie Socialist Sanders, on the heels of his 9-point lead over Mrs. Clinton in New Hampshire, is now LEADING IN IOWA also.

A new Quinnipiac University poll out Thursday morning shows Bernie Sanders at 41 percent and Hillary Clinton at 40 percent in Iowa – a virtual tie. <Yahoo News, link>


I am beginning to wonder if we might have a Trump versus Bernie general election matchup…

And then I wonder if we might see this again:

1984 Election Map Result

Yes, we can dare to dream.

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