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Remember the Nixonian adage that “the coverup is worse than the crime”?

I just saw this news story:

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) claimed Friday that it cannot produce Lois Lerner’s emails to and from the White House and other administration departments due to a supposed computer crash. <The Daily Caller, link>

This Nixonian erasure of evidence, coming on the heels of the law-breaking prisoner exchange by Barack Obama (a unilateral and unconstitutional action that shocked even Diane Feinstein and other senior Democrat leaders), makes the impeachment and conviction of president Obama urgent and necessary to defend and uphold the rule of law and the Constitution of the United States.

Obama’s repeated and accelerated trampling of the Constitution via his refusal to enforce the laws of the land, abide by the laws of the land, and his evasion of Congressional oversight, can no longer be tolerated.

Our democratic republic is under assault by this president, and the Founding Fathers are calling all 535 members of Congress from the grave: depose this would-be king, before he destroys the last, best hope of Earth.

And no, I have no problem with a Biden presidency. None whatsoever, as long as our nation rises up to reclaim its heritage and removes a man from office whose actions show nothing but contempt for our heritage. Such an event might even thwart a Hillary Clinton candidacy — a two-for-one outcome that I pray to almighty god comes to pass.



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In the months just prior to the 2012 presidential election, Barack Obama and Hillary “What does it matter” Clinton committed a triple atrocity for which they have yet to be held accountable: (1) they failed to protect Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi, Libya, who were murdered by Islamic Jihadists on September 11th 2012, and then (2) they and their surrogates lied to the American people about the nature of the attack and who knew what and when about it, and then (3) they withheld emails from Congress in order to sustain the coverup indefinitely.

A dead Ambassador dragged though the streets and a willful, deceitful cover-up in order to help Obama defeat Romney. And let’s not forget how the Liberal-controlled media aided and abetted these Obama lies (remember Candy Crowley supporting Obama mid-debate against Romney’s strong and correct attack about Benghazi?).

Obama's Blue Dress Stained with BenghaziBut now the coverup is exposed and Barack Obama is having his Stained Blue Dress moment.

Judicial Watch just broke through the Obama administration secrecy and discovered a smoking-gun email that shines the truth on another of Obama’s Big Lies:

In the email, Obama’s deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes tells Susan Rice — then the U.S. envoy to the United Nations — to blame the attack on local anger in Benghazi over an anti-Muslim video on the Internet.

It has since become clear the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the mission — which cost the lives of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens — was planned by armed militants. In the email, obtained by Judicial Watch and dated Sept. 14, 2012, Rhodes laid out talking points and goals for Rice in her planned appearances on several major U.S. talk shows the next day.

She was asked “to underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, not a broader failure of policy.” <source>

So not only did a U.S. Ambassador and three others get killed by Islamic militants on the anniversary of 9/11/01, but Obama and his team knew about it, did nothing to help, and then willfully lied about the tragedy’s true causes for fear that Americans would see the truth about Obama’s weakness around the world. They concocted a completely false story for Susan Rice to feed to the Sunday talk shows in which the successful terrorist attack was portrayed as a “spontaneous” gathering of protestors who had good reason to want to protest (an anti-Islam video had recently aired).

This fake narrative immediately fell under severe scrutiny and didn’t last long — John McCain openly mocked it on the Senate floor, saying that a spontaneous mob doesn’t attack a U.S. mission with RPGs and other weapons. He was right, and everyone knew it before long.

Even Liberals at the time came to admit that the video controversy was not related to the Benghazi attack and that Islamic militants were behind it. But they could not go the final, crucial step and admit that Barack Obama and his team created and executed a coverup to hide their un-American actions.

Their reluctance to go that final step was no doubt bolstered by the administration’s standard contempt-of-Congress failure to disclose all relevant documents, just as they have done in the Fast and Furious Congressional hearings:

Congress launched hearings and thousands of documents were turned over, but the email from Rhodes had not been revealed, despite requests from the House of Representatives.

That’s right, the smoking gun email was deliberately withheld by the Obama administration. I wonder what we will come to learn about Obama’s gun-running to Mexican drug cartels when those emails finally see the light of day.

And so now there can be no doubt and no defense: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and many others, are guilty of taking Al Qaeda lightly and of covering up their dereliction after the fact. Barack Hussein Obama and his Benghazi-blue dress bear a striking resemblance to Bill Clinton as he was caught in his own Big Lie at the time: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky”.

The analogy is powerful because in both cases the crimes of the perpetrators were being covered up under the cover of accusations of Republican bad faith, and in both cases it turns out that Republicans were doing their sworn duty in exposing the actual facts of presidential derelictions of duty, and possibly crimes.

Hillary Clinton claimed that her husband did not have sex with Lewinsky and that therefore he was a victim of a “vast right wing conspiracy” against him.

Likewise, Obama spokesman Jay Carney has made considerable use of the false notion that Republican lawmakers are pursuing the Benghazi coverup based on fantasies instead of apparent facts. But Carney doesn’t know when to quit (in more ways than one): even now, after the email, he is sticking to this anti-Republican narrative.

Carney likened the new outcry to more Republican “conspiracy theories” about the Benghazi attack. <source>

Note to Jay Carney: The jig is up on this one and now you just look like a criminal defending the leader of your criminal gang. Resign your post, man, before your soul is lost forever to the Dark Side. How long can you keep lying like this?

Representative Darrell Issa sums up the Benghazi Email about as well as can be done:

It is disturbing and perhaps criminal that these documents, that documents like these were hidden by the Obama administration. The American people have learned that you cannot believe what the White House says, you cannot believe what the spokespeople say, and you cannot believe what the president says.

The facts are coming out that in fact, this administration has knowingly withheld documents pursuant to congressional subpoenas in violation of any reasonable transparency or historical precedent, at least since Richard Milhous Nixon.

Yes, Richard M. Nixon, who resigned the presidency in disgrace, though no one died in the Watergate scandal.

U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens

Information management officer Sean Smith

Former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods

Former Navy SEAL Glen Doherty

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What is it with Democratic presidents?

When Bill Clinton was in danger of being impeached by the House of Representatives for Obstruction of Justice and Perjury, he bombed the hell our of Iraq in order to prevent Saddam Hussein from obtaining weapons of mass destruction.

A president embroiled in a sex scandal in the Oval Office tries to save his presidency by distracting the nation with a made-for-TV war far from American soil in an obscure country.

It’s not the latest news out of Washington, but the plot of the movie “Wag the Dog.” In the 1997 movie, a shadowy spin doctor played by Robert De Niro recruits a Hollywood producer (Dustin Hoffman) to invent a war against Albania.

The film came out just before the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke — and no doubt benefited at the box office and then at the video store from the publicity. Now, the film is all the buzz again because of President Clinton’s announcement — three days after admitting for the first time an inappropriate relationship with Ms. Lewinsky — that he ordered military strikes in two countries. <source>

And now we have Barack Hussein Obama, under well-deserved scrutiny by Congress and the American people for his Richard-Nixon multiple abuses-of-power, deciding to go to war in Syria.

WASHINGTON (AP) — After months of caution, President Barack Obama suddenly is positioned more aggressively on Syria than the global leaders he’s joining at a summit Monday, now that he has authorized weapons and ammunition shipments to struggling rebels. <source>

Just like that — “suddenly”, the article says — our military is gearing up to join the fight in Syria.

Nice try, Barack Obama, but we all know that you are on an inexorable Nixonian slide into prosecution and disgrace for your abuses of power. How far will you go to try and stop it?

Just keep in mind that more and more of your supporters are finally onto you and your tricks.

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I offer this essay as an antidote to the poisonous cynicism present in many Liberals of the modern era on display of late as they make endless excuses for tyrannical abuses of power committed by their malignant champion, Barack Hussein Obama.

The excuse in question:


I have heard this spoken to me several times in the last week as the cascade of un-American and outrageous acts by the Obama administration becomes too much to handle for his faithful flock of sheep.

Why the excuse is Wrong: This absurd statement is wrong on many levels, and in fact I could write a dissertation on it and publish it as a book. This project will get in line behind my expanded dissertation on (1) Why Ronald Reagan is as important a historical Great Man as the Founding Fathers, Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt, and (2) Why Bill Clinton’s selfishness imperiled our nation in profound ways that are even now barely understood. But I digress.

Here is a summary of why the excuse is wrong.

Because Such a Statement Enslaves Those Who Make It 

Human beings have the high-functioning ability to discriminate this from that, and we do it thousands or millions of times a day, often without thinking. Understanding the differences between things is necessary for finding comfortable circumstances, for leading a moral life, and even for survival.

If you can’t (or refuse to) tell the difference between this and that, then you will be doomed to a lousy job, a bad marriage, or any other number of situations that you will imprison yourself in for lack of belief that it can be different and better elsewhere. This is so because, for example, in order to quit one job and go get another, you need to believe that the potential new one is better than the current one you have; if you believe that all jobs are the same, then you are robbed of any impetus to improve your situation, and so on.

Whoever likes being enslaved — on purpose, by their own hand — raise your other hand!

Because Such a Statement is Cowardly

When your political darling commits crimes it puts you in a tough position of having to defend him. Some people have no problem doing this, to their great shame: I just wrote about Kathleen Sebelius and her absurd actions and statements defending Barack Obama on the Stalinist tool known as Obamacare (Obama Makes Fools of His Cabinet), and, as the New York Times recently pointed out, Senator Diane Feinstein just made excuses for Obama’s spying on American citizens by saying that such citizens “might become terrorists in the future” (see Ernst’s nice piece on this, R.I.P. Hope and Change, in which he invokes a nice reference to the Stalinist regime in the movie Minority Report, where “pre-cogs” see your future and you are then arrested before you can commit the crime you haven’t committed yet…an Obama wet dream?).

It makes sense to me that other Obama supporters do not want to go this far: they do not want to defend their man when he does indefensible things and lose credibility as these other mouth-pieces have done and are doing.

But what to do?

The answer is simple: condemn their man’s actions for what they are instead of being cowards and saying that “all president do it”.

I was outraged over many of the things George W. Bush did as president and wrote about it extensively (in particular his wanton spending and weakening of American sovereignty through open support of illegal immigration).

Had George Bush been caught with 900 FBI files on political opponents that he could use for political intimidation, as Bill Clinton was, I would have been just as outraged; Had George Bush refused to use the word “jihadist” and then left an American ambassador without adequate protection in a Muslim country to the point where he was killed and his body dragged through the streets and then passed off the violence as having been the result of Western media, I would have been just as outraged; Had George Bush used his Justice Department to spy on the free press, I would have been just as outraged; Had George Bush used the IRS to target Liberal groups I would have been just as outraged.

We must be Americans first, and being cowardly is not in our nature.

Because Even If True, It Should Not Matter

Imagine that your spouse comes home and announces that he has been having an affair for the last five years and that he is deeply in love with another woman; you are outraged and hurt by this on a deep level, and you make accusations: HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?

He answers, calmly and cooly, that “everybody does” what he does.

You consider this for a moment: “They All Do It.”

You think, Yes, it’s true, in most societies there seems to be a plague of infidelity.

Upon this realization, you jump into his arms and forgive him!!

Well now, of course you don’t, you throw the bum out.


And so to the Liberals still in love with the fantasy of Barack Obama (there was never a real Barack Obama that in any way related to the fantasy version) I say this:

1. He is not the same as other presidents in his abuses of power, for his are more numerous and far worse that any of his predecessors and certainly worse than those of Richard Nixon, who resigned the office; 

2. Even if you believe other presidents have done as he is doing, you must accept that such actions are now out in the open, should be rejected in the strongest possible terms, and that we as a nation should “Throw the Bum Out”, which could be in the various forms of restoring a Republican majority to the Senate in order to strengthen Congress’s ability to protect and defend the Constitution and our rights as free citizens, and/or pursuing impeachment proceedings against him for what is now fully seen as a Soviet-style takeover of America life.

A Nixonian Wave?

A Nixonian Wave?

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