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On this blog there are occasional clues to upcoming posts and they appear in posts labeled “Streaming” with | brackets | around the title. Last week in the Obama Martian Chronicles the Emperor explained to Barack Hussein Obama that he would be trained for his mission to destroy the USA by meeting other agents who have made previous attempts to weaken or destroy the country for the eventual enslavement of the human race by the Martian Empire.

The “Streaming” post on April 20 provided clues as to whom BHO would meet in his first training session, Jane Fonda, who appears in Volume 2 of the Chronicles.

The Sword thought it would be helpful to provide a breakdown of the Streaming post to show how it served its foreshadowing function.

Anatomy of Streaming: Jane Fonda


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There are enough oddities and unanswered questions about Barry Hussein Obama that his status as a real-live Manchurian Candidate is assured:

  • Questionable origins
  • Disdain for the United States and its culture
  • Unaccounted for campaign cash
  • Devotional bowing to foreign leaders
  • His Air Force One buzzed the Statue of Liberty, as sharp a stick in the eye of New York and the nation as any this man has perpetrated

BHO announced this week that he believes we’d visit Mars during “his lifetime”. So I guess we should add Mars to the list of other possible puppet masters who are causing this man to systematically destroy our country, the “last best hope” of earth in the words of Barry’s alleged hero, Abe Lincoln.

Perhaps Barry is from Mars, sent here to begin a new slave trade of humans for the yoke of the Martian Empire.

In fact the Sword has somehow intercepted Martian transmissions and Barry’s martian chronicles can now be revealed for all humanity to witness:

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