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Fellow blogger and friend-of-the-site VRK asked me in the comments section about whether I had any predictions for the 2016 election, and I thought I’d answer with some stream-of-consciousness bullet points.

  • Like everyone, I am amazed by the Trump candidacy. Not that he entered the campaign of course, but that he is still going strong after saying so many incendiary things. That his poll numbers go up, not down, in the wake of each statement, is a testament to the power of his candidacy and his backbone. Liberal media commentators who dismissed him, or laughed at him, or both, have sobered up in a big way as Trump’s popularity grows ever larger no matter how divisive and controversial he is perceived to be.

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump’s support is rocketing even higher in the aftermath of his proposal to ban Muslims from entering the US, a new poll released on Monday found. <Yahoo Finance, link>

  • Trump claims to be appealing to the “silent majority”, and I think he is doing just that.  A huge portion of the American population has had enough of the political correctness that has made us vulnerable to, for example, Islamic Jihad. Americans are about done with the kind of Liberal insanity passing for tolerance that got 14 holiday party attendees in San Bernadino gunned down by two Islamic terrorists who were able to move freely in and out of the United States despite concrete indications that they had become radicalized. It’s gotten so bad that the head of the Department of Homeland Security is more concerned about being politically correct than in protecting the homeland, and Trump is giving voice to the average citizen’s anger and frustration over it.

Fearing a civil liberties backlash and “bad public relations” for the Obama administration, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson refused in early 2014 to end the secret U.S. policy that prohibited immigration officials from reviewing the social media messages of all foreign citizens applying for U.S. visas, according to a former senior department official. <Yahoo News, link>

  • I can’t understand how tonight’s Republican debate will have so many competitors at this stage in the campaign. Has this happened before? I don’t recall that it has. Who has made this decision, and what is their motivation? It certainly makes it difficult for the front-runners to appear presidential, and I think it’s terrible for Republicans.

Final debate lineup

  • I am thrilled with the demise of the Jeb Bush candidacy. He is not a war-time guy at all — like his father, he’s a middling mush ball, who is also in favor of open borders. In other words, not the man for the job in a world on fire. Rush Limbaugh reportedly said that Jeb and Hillary should run on one ticket, there being not much difference in their policy positions. This is funny, and true in many respects. Some say Bush will win the nomination if he can hang in there while the establishment Republicans try to squash Trump and Cruz, and I say keep dreaming, Liberals, and keep dreaming RINOs. You may want fake-Republican Jeb Bush, but the party appears to want a true Conservative.
  • Speaking of our current need for “war-time” leaders, I am reminded of the movie The Godfather once again (I recently wrote an essay pondering whether Trump is too much like Sonny Corleone, link). In the movie, the Godfather unexpectedly fires his loyal and long-time consigliere Tom Hagan (played by Robert Duvall). Hagan is not only disappointed, he is emotionally wounded by this slight after so many years of loyal service. But the Godfather explains to Tom that the family is under attack and that he therefore needs a “war time” consigliere, and that Tom is not that guy. Tom barely protests because he knows it is true: he is genteel and soft, and no longer right for the job.
Winyan Soo Hoo

We need a war-time consigliere, and Tom is not it…

  • Jeb Bush is Tom Hagan

Hagan and Bush

  • The “Crazy” things Trump has said are nothing compared to the things Hillary Clinton has actually done. Her conspiracy to operate outside the purview of government oversight (including installing and using a private email server, exposing top secret American intelligence, and then obstructing justice by erasing such servers when subpoenaed by Congressional Committees) is just one act that disqualifies her from becoming president; in recent days we learned that she appears to have let Americans die in Benghazi rather than have a rapid-force be deployed to save them (emphasis added below).

…the email from Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s chief of staff shows that special operations teams within a few hours flight from Benghazi were preparing to deploy as early as 7 PM Washington time on the night of the attacks, well within the time needed to get to Benghazi before the deadly mortar strike that killed U.S. Navy Seals Glen Doherty and Ty Woods.

Panetta aide Jeremy Bash emailed Mrs. Clinton’s top aides at 7:09 PM, to let them know that quick reaction forces, then stationed in Europe, were “spinning up as we speak” to deploy to Benghazi.

“Assuming Principals agree to deploy these elements, we will ask State to secure the approval from host nation,” Bash wrote. Please advise how you wish to convey that approval to us.”

In the redacted version of his testimony that was ultimately released by the House Armed Services Committee, General Ham said the main reason he didn’t go balls to the wall to get forces to Benghazi was simple. “We were never asked,” he said. <the Daily Caller, link>

  • The Liberal double standard is on full display, as always: when Barack Hussein Obama ran in 2007, he was only a short time into his first term as U.S. Senator, and before that he was never much more than a community organizer. He was, and is, the least qualified man to serve as president I have seen in my lifetime. But Liberals were not troubled by his atrocious lack of experience. Regarding the current field of Republican front-runners? This is what United Press International ran recently:

In terms of experience, none brings extraordinary or even entry-level qualifications to serve as the nation’s chief executive. <UPI, link>

  • I like Ted Cruz, and I like Marco Rubio, though in the latter’s case he went wobbly on the Mexican border issue. In an age of Islamic jihad here in the homeland, any candidate who is not for building a wall is not up to the job of defending the nation.
  • I liked Ben Carson early on, but can’t understand what is going on with his campaign. There is something odd about the man, although versus Hillary Clinton, he would be a vastly superior president. Then again, so would any man, woman, or child in the country other than Hillary Clinton, a selfish, craven person whose track record is one of the most shameful of any politician in the world today.
  • Chris Christie hugged Barack Obama. End of story.
  • I like Fiorina a lot and find her to be well spoken, informed, smart, and tough. I find myself wishing she were higher in the polling than she is of late.
  • I sense that there are two politicians, one from each party, that are not currently in the race but are lurking…lurking…lurking. Creeping while the front-runners are sleeping….


  • These two men are likely to be embraced by core elements of their respective political parties: Democrats actually despise Hillary Clinton, but are afraid of her; a Biden candidacy is something I believe many of them pray for every day. Meanwhile, the Republican establishment is desperate for a moderate who “looks the part” to rise up, and it is not going to be Tom Hagan. I think there is some truth to the notion that Romney stands ready to be “drafted”, as does Biden if Hillary stumbles.
  • And so my prediction is that Hillary will grind on and win the nomination unless she is indicted for any number of crimes, and that Trump will remain the frontrunner through New Hampshire, but then be pushed aside by all of the forces arrayed against him, including from inside his own party. At that point, it will probably be Cruz in the lead, with Romney still lurking.
  • As for Romney, I think he would have made an excellent president, but I also know that he was not tough on Barack Hussein Obama when he should have been, and I cannot forgive him for this mistake. Mr. Obama is the most destructive president our nation has ever had, and that Romney got soft down the stretch in 2012 is a great tragedy for us all.

I don’t want to go through that again — let’s resolve in the primaries to pick a Republican that will not shrink from a fight.

On that score, I like Trump, and I like Cruz.

It’s war time in America, and we had all better act like it.


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the sasoc is receiving images from the ether….

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About This Blog – 2010 Review

I started Mastersen’s Musings on January 27th of this year not knowing whether I’d enjoy it or even stick with it. Happily, I can say that I’ve become quite attached to it. This will be my 292nd essay. It has been fun and rewarding to offer longer-form commentary than other media allow, and the prospect of readership by the public at large is of course the most exciting aspect. This is the key element of blogging for me: the joy is in the sharing of ideas. Spending significant time struggling with words is not its own reward; if it were, we would not need the blogoshere. The occasional psychic, intellectual, emotional, or even spiritual connection with fellow human beings is all we have in this world; without it, there is but the icy cold of space.

My Friends

I want to acknowledge some favorite people who comment frequently and who therefore build a human bridge in a dark world: there is “Angry Bert” (or so I call him because of his photo), AKA Basharr; there is Bob of bizarroworld.com; and there is Douglas Ernst of douglaserntylp. Thank you for your many comments and for being out there, and for your own wonderful blogs.

I also want to acknowledge a few who like to rhetorically hammer me (Jon Thingvold) or politely encourage me to consider a less extreme or even Liberal views (WG and natsand). As Jon has warned several times, right wing blogs (is that what this is?) are at risk of being an “echo chamber” in which ideas go unchallenged. Thanks to Jon and WG and occasionally natsand, the musings here are enhanced by opposing points of view. If you want to see Jon unleashed, read the comments section of my essay James Bennett Self-Immolates.

Popular Essays

Regarding my most popular posts, here are the top three:

  1. Genius in Action: Johnathan Rhys Myers as King Henry VIII
  2. Has Tom Brady Seen Quiz Show?
  3. A Good Comment and a Reply

The Rhys Myers essay, written on Independence Day, continues to amaze me. This essay was not my most intense or well written, but it turns out that the world can’t get enough of King Henry VIII, and JRM, judging from the search terms on this subject that lead people to my blog every day (even all these months later). So if you want a lot of traffic to your own blog, write about Henry and prepare for the rush. One thing that gives me a chuckle is that the last paragraph of the essay is a bit political, and I like that so many unsuspecting people (thousands in fact) get exposed to it:

Why on Independence Day? By coincidence, my appreciation for a show about the British monarchy dovetails with the fact that the United States is a former colony of England that threw off the yoke of monarchy in favor of the rule of law. Our way of life and government is designed to ensure due process, orderly succession, and that the state is of, by, and for the people, among other enlightened attributes. A petulant monarch whose capricious and unchecked, reckless acts is the symbol and actual fact of tyranny; the Founding Fathers said: No, we’re going to break with England and chart a higher, better path and the Citizen will reign supreme. God Bless Them, and God Bless America.

The Tom Brady essay got so much traffic because it was posted on a sports message board and debated vigorously by football fans, mostly Brady lovers. I took great satisfaction in positing that Brady is the Charles Van Doren of our time because he “knew the answers” before each snap of the ball in three Superbowls; this makes him a cheater and unworthy of all his accolades, just as Van Doren was a cheater on the 1950s television gameshow “21,” though in his case he was properly castigated and shamed for it. I despise a cheater more than most things, and when one gets caught there is usually some solace. But when one gets caught and nobody seems interested in adjusting the record (three fraudulent Superbowl wins are now properly zero) then there must be an accounting.

I don’t like the NFL in general, and so this indictment is not about rooting against New England, blah blah (I really don’t care). It’s about millions of football fans being duped by the Man while trying to enjoy the new national pastime, and the National Football League summoning their inner Nixon and destroying the evidence. The charlatan is the enemy of capitalism, and therefore is a threat to us all.

The essay “A Good Comment and a Reply” is my treatise on the role of government (in fact I cleaned it up a bit in a later post called “The Role of Government“). It was prompted by natsand, a supporter of Obamacare (and, as he indicated, even of the Public Option), who replied to an essay entitled The Face of Fascism with a common line of questioning about fire and police departments (to paraphrase: “Aren’t they “Socialist” too?  Why do you support those but not socialized medicine?”). My answer was far too long for a “comment” and so I made it its own essay. Many people have read it, and I hope it addresses the issue well. In summary, government can do some things very well indeed: I am NOT a libertarian / anarchist. But there are some simple measures that reveal where government will fail miserably, and again and again. Liberals please take note, this is serious business with serious consequences.

In summary on the popular essays, I do not follow a strategy of quotas and tend to write about whatever strikes me on a particular day. I find it interesting that the top two most popular essays were not about politics or economics, but about popular culture. I suppose this should not be surprising. But I generally can’t resist weaving politics into entertainment, and so I will do it right now: we live in a culture where movies, and move stars, and gossip have taken center stage, and this can only happen in a free and wealthy society. The playground we play in exists by the grace of the Founding Fathers, those anglo-saxon dudes who innovated a new order of things, and but for the grace of them we blog and blather about this and that. How lucky we are.

Graphic Evolution

One happy thing in my blog evolution was my skills with the GIMP program (like Photoshop, but open source and free). Looking back to February and March, one can see the novice in my graphics, but as the year wore on I learned a few things and was able to indulge myself more fully.

I devoted much attention and care (and time) to the graphics of Obama Martian Chronicles, and they gave me immense pleasure notwithstanding their limited appeal.

Commanders wear Gold

The original image at right was of Captain Kirk, an excellent model of a commander, who was wearing the command color of gold (on the star ship Enterprise). I changed the color of the uniform to red, which on Star Trek was the color of the Engineering section of the ship and also the color of the guy who inevitably suffered the worst fate of the landing party in each episode.

And the following is perhaps my favorite image of 2010: Jane Fonda, a member of the Council to Destroy America, becomes jealous of Agent Marta and decides to make an attempt at her own seduction of the president:

Most Influential

My most influential essays, as measured by track-backs and comments, were my series called “We Defend Our Culture or Die as a Nation.” These essays – nine in all – really struck a chord, and it was very gratifying to bond with people who feel, as I do, that American exceptionalism is real, is important, and is worth defending.

The most popular was number 2, and here is an excerpt:

Perhaps the ideals enumerated in the Declaration of Independence are merely transitory to you, or our culture of self-reliance, or our culture of ethical business dealing (very anglo-saxon if you’ve ever done business in other parts of the world). These should be left to be squeezed, diluted, and changed by foreign cultures in whatever tide of humanity seeks to take up residence here? You believe we should be “riders on the storm”, going whichever way the wind blows?

My personal favorite is number 9, and here is an excerpt:

No nation – not even the United States of America – can survive a balkanization of its people. Without a unifying philosophy, a unifying language, a unifying set of principles and ideals, a nation will depart the renaissance, enter the baroque, and then finally lose all form as its fissures and fractures are left untended by a population unable to even know whether its body is blighted.

These essays are an unapologetic assertion that the American heritage and culture are superior to others around the world and others across history. Moral relativism is the dominant ideology of the 21st century, but this blog stands opposed to such nonsense and states clearly: some cultures care for their citizens more than others. I stand by this, and will debate anyone on the merits of it. The Founding Fathers were well aware of the failings of previous empires, countries, and civilizations, and consciously structured a way of life and government that would offer American citizens a new and superior way of living.

We all enjoy the fruits of what they created, and Lincoln and Reagan preserved, and we best appreciate it every minute of every day. God bless America, and our sandbox of wealth, leisure, and pleasure the likes of which the world has never seen. May it continue on and grace humanity for generations to come. In the meantime, let us enjoy the present moment, for it is only in the here and now that one experiences the endless bounty of creation.

With best wishes, good will toward men, and love for all,

Harvey Mastersen

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On this blog there are occasional clues to upcoming posts and they appear in posts labeled “Streaming” with | brackets | around the title. Last week in the Obama Martian Chronicles the Emperor explained to Barack Hussein Obama that he would be trained for his mission to destroy the USA by meeting other agents who have made previous attempts to weaken or destroy the country for the eventual enslavement of the human race by the Martian Empire.

The “Streaming” post on April 20 provided clues as to whom BHO would meet in his first training session, Jane Fonda, who appears in Volume 2 of the Chronicles.

The Sword thought it would be helpful to provide a breakdown of the Streaming post to show how it served its foreshadowing function.

Anatomy of Streaming: Jane Fonda

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