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The sword recently posted (Bob Costas as Alpha Dog, Dan as Fire Hydrant?) that Bob Costas owns Dan Patrick and Michael Kay by launching into his own agendas right out of the shoot when either radio host interviews him, and prior to that essay the sword had alerted Dan via other channels. We are proud to report that Costas is lately showing more respect, as evidenced by his appearance last Tuesday on the Dan Patrick show. Here is the link.

In listening to the opening, we find Bob in the more subdued role of model guest, waiting politely for Dan to set the agenda. Compared to countless previous interviews, this Costas is downright docile, and the sword takes full credit as the prime mover. Congratulations, Dan, for some behind-the-scenes negotiation with a legend; you’re doing big boy things when you own your space despite your urge to be solicitous with your hero.


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What is it with Bob Costas? Whenever he is interviewed on a sports radio show he insists on seizing control from the host right out of the gate. Even before pleasantries are exchanged, he launches into an idea or point that has no continuity with the show up to that point. The hosts get popped by his jab(ber) before they’ve had a chance to take a breath, and next thing you know Bob’s supposedly witty point is the topic of conversation.

He has done this on the Dan Patrick show repeatedly (and they ostensibly like each other), and he just did it on the Michael Kay show last week.

In canine behavior, there is a concept called “owning the space”, whereby a dog will seek to establish dominance (if it can get away with it) over a physical territory. Why, dear Bobby, must you “own the space” of an interview when you are the interviewee and not the interviewer? Don’t you have enough shows on which you are the star? What is it with you?

As for Dan and Michael, why do you allow this? Are you afraid to throw some chin music when you’re on the mound? Can’t go high and tight? Costas owns the plate, bitches, and it’s time you did something about it.

Bob Taking Control - Again

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