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It seems the Mars Rover has snapped some photos in which Martian rocks appear to be rodents or humans [LINK].

Mars lady

Mars rat

I find this amusing because readers of this blog already know that there is indeed life on Mars, and it is devoted to the enslavement of the people of planet earth through the destruction of our Shining City on a Hill.v8-fondas-hot-body-with-tattoo



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Last week, the Council to Destroy America (caught on these training tapes, preparing Obama for his assault on the USA) began talk of summoning a legendary green lady to move the evaluation of Agent Obama to the next level.

Agent Jane Fonds threw her belly into the ring for the assignment, but Comrade Marx had someone else in mind…

(a) Too harsh for you?  Perhaps you are too young to remember this.

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Last week another Martian training tape was revealed here depicting the Council to Destroy America planning for its next test of Barack Obama’s resolve to destroy the United States. The test was to involve a sexy female agent who would evaluate Agent Obama’s mindset, and Jane Fonda threw her belly into the ring.  The Council was sickened by her display and of course had someone else in mind.

Here is a preview of the next volume, which will show Mr. Obama being seduced / interrogated by a female agent, not necessarily Martian, but very green and well known in intergalactic circles. Can you guess who?

Martian Agent Obama, being trained and tested for the destruction of America

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There are enough oddities and unanswered questions about Barack Hussein Obama that his status as a real-live Manchurian Candidate is assured:

  • Questionable origins
  • Disdain for the United States and its culture
  • Unaccounted for campaign cash
  • Devotional bowing to foreign leaders
  • His Air Force One buzzed the Statue of Liberty, as sharp a stick in the eye of New York and the nation as any this man has perpetrated

BHO has said that he believes we’d visit Mars during “his lifetime”. So I guess we should add Mars to the list of other possible puppet masters who invited this man to systematically destroy our country.

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Mr. Obama said he thinks we’ll see Mars “during his lifetime”, creating the possibility that he himself is is from Mars, sent here to begin a new slave trade of humans for the yoke of the Martian Empire. Such a mission would have to entail the destruction of the USA, the Earth’s most powerful and proud nation, and Barack Obama seems specially chosen for this assignment.

Click here to see previous installments of the Obama Martian Chronicles, such as his walk-and-talk with Joseph Stalin, and his walk-and-talk with Jane Fonda.

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More of Barack Hussein Obama’s training sessions with the Martian Council to Destroy America have been discovered and decoded by sasoc (Obama recently said he believed we would “see Mars in his lifetime”…perhaps he is a martian agent sent to the Unites States to destroy it for the benefit of the Marian empire). They shed much light on how such a man could behave in the horrible and disgraceful ways he does. This is Volume 6. Click on these links for previous volumes: Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4, Volume 5.

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Barack Obama believes we will “see Mars in his lifetime”…perhaps he is a Martian agent sent to torture and enslave the Earth’s people? It’s as good an explanation as any for where this man came from and what he is doing to undermine the last best hope of Earth, the USA.

This is an actual photograph of Barack Hussein Obama warmly embracing Hugo Chavez. The bro-shake with left-arm grab and smile is astounding for an individual purportedly representing the Office the Presidency. To afford anyone, let alone a thug of this kind, with this kind of Presidential affirmation is mind boggling, particularly when compared to Obama snubs of allies such as Gordon Brown of the anglo-saxon UK. That is, unless you realize that BHO has been sent from Mars to destroy the United States, in which case it makes perfect sense.

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