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According to Frank Rich, a classic selective perceiver:

The Obama administration seems not to have a prosecutorial gene.

Mr. Rich was writing about Obama’s wretched cozying up to Wall Street, and it moved him to question whether Obama has ever, or will ever, care about all the lawbreaking that lies at the heart of the Wall Street crash of ’08 (answer: NO, just as he never cared about the oil spill or about anything that would distract him from his true mission).

But really, Frank, you should know that Obama and his administration is very willing to activate his prosecutor gene. It’s just that when he does, it is directed towards one of the 50 states.

Remember these, Frank?

Wounded By Treachery, but Supported By America. We Stand With You Arizona!


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Humans are very predictable, and aliens observing us while planning an invasion would not need much analysis to wipe us out, or at least enslave us and have us lick the boots of a power-mongering dictator (Is Obama from Mars?). A persistent behavioral element of our human construct is the Icarus syndrome, which occurs when success gathers momentum and the individual riding the updraft thinks “Just a little higher!!” until his wings melt and he crashes to Earth.

Tiger Woods is the latest poster child for this syndrome and I have chosen him as the mascot for the Mastersen Icarus Alert, which the sasoc will sound from time to time in hopes of saving souls and livelihoods.

Today’s MIA call is for the benefit of Jon Stewart, of the Daily Show, and Doug Ellin, creator of Entourage.

Both of these men are flying ever higher in their career success and are showing some signs of mania as they p-push it real good. Can either of them enjoy the ride without giving in to that last bit of megalomania that can rip it all away?

Each of their success is undeniable.

Jon Stewart failed in his late-night talk show stint (I remember Sharon Stone, in the wake of her star-making turn in Basic Instinct, sympathetically offering to ice-pick the executives who canceled his show) but bounced back with The Daily Show, widely heralded as offering better world news in its fake format than network news programs do in their un-ironic real format. Excessive praise is a hallmark of the Icarus syndrome, and Stewart has enjoyed heaps and piles of it. One of my favorite sources is the NYT columnist Frank Rich, whose extremely frequent mentions of Stewart come across collectively as one big homoerotic overture (if unrequited love is painful, I’d say Mr. Rich is in total agony about now).

Of interest with Stewart is his change from being a smart and earnest comedian to being a smart and I love the sight of my own face and sound of my own voice comedian. Yes, the Daily Show requires its host to be snide and mocking, but I submit that Stewart has at this point absorbed the schtick into his very being, and therein lies a big difference. John Wayne reportedly took on in his personal life the mannerisms of the gun-toting lawmen he portrayed in countless movie westerns, and Stewart strikes me as a guy who really thinks he’s as smart as his dozen writers make him sound and that he’s influencing national policy at the highest levels. (I know Jon, I forgot to mention the cultural zeitgeist as well, sorry). Achtung Jon! This is a Mastersen Icarus Alert for you!

Doug Ellin is the highly successful creator of Entourage, a fun show on HBO that entertains a cross section of American culture (older, younger, and everything in between). Personally, I love the show. In keeping with a format originally masterminded and executed beautifully by Gary Shandling on The Larry Sanders Show, Ellin and crew incorporate numerous Hollywood actors and sports celebrities, and even a real billionaire or two, into the fictional show each week. It’s a feel good project all around.

That is, unless you cross Ellin, and then he’ll use the show to take pot shots. For example, there was the Seth Rogen dust-up last year:

“Entourage” chewed up comic actor Seth Rogen in Monday  night’s episode. Now Seth is biting back. The writers had their characters referring to Seth’s “ugliness … oddly fascinating” in a comic debate over whether Rogen could get a Katherine Heigl babe in real life. Rogen fired back to E!s Daily 10: “Yeah … I actually ran into Matt … Kevin Dillon in a Starbucks. And he’s like ‘You know, I’ve got to kind of apologize because apparently the guy who created our show doesn’t like you so much.’ “

Apparently Rogen admitted to making some “disparaging comments about the show,” but Ellin, a man with such towering success, need not have lashed out in such a petty way.

Another warning sign for Ellin was his interview with Dan Patrick earlier this year, in which he informed Dan that a promise made by Jerry Ferrara, one of the show’s stars, need not be honored by Ellin because Ferrarra was merely “Chris Chambliss” to Ellin’s “George Steinbrenner.” The air is gettin’ thin….. Achtung Doug! This is a Mastersen Icarus Alert for you!

What does this mean? It means that both of these gentlemen are starting to get the bends, and if they push a bit more, they may nuke themselves with a WMD (Woods Melt Down). With luck, the sasoc can save them.

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Let’s start a running list of those who describe the 12 – 20 million illegal trespassers in our country as “Immigrants” as opposed to “Illegal Immigrants”. The distinction is important, of course, because of the following logical implication:

1 part  [widely held view that immigrants in general are welcome in the United States (“we are a nation of immigrants”)


1 part [12 – 20 million illegal trespassers are “immigrants”]


12- 20 million illegal trespassers are welcome here.

This is an (insane and suicidal) argument in favor of open borders, and those who advance it should be called out.

The inaugural entry for this category is Frank Rich of the New York Times:

…the latest minority groups to enter the pantheon of American scapegoats, Hispanic immigrants and Muslims. <New York Times, 8.15.10, pg. 8 Sunday Opinion>

“Hispanic immigrants”? Nice try, Frank.

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Sometimes Frank Rich is a savvy, if misguided, columnist for the New York Times, and sometimes he’s just a big dummy trying to provide Democrats with a dose of his wishful thinking. Last weekend he wrote some beauties about how Democrats can hang on this November. Here’s one of my favorites:

It’s time voters were told just how far right the G.O.P. has lurched since Bush returned to Texas.

Oh, that is a knee-slapper! Fortunately for us, reality is as always more illuminating than Frank’s Liberal fantasies. A correct assessment of where the GOP lies on today’s political spectrum would have it in a very mainstream, historically patriotic spot: right of center, opposing a socialist onslaught by Obama and the Democrats and opposing their repeated stabbings of the heart of American sovereignty, as led by Mr. Obama, the America-hating interloper.

What’s that? The “Party of No” you say? Try not so sound idiotic. Democrats control the White House, the House of Representatives, and the Senate, making Republicans the opposition party — of course they say “No” to Obama’s would-be dirty deeds, and thank god.

The mid-term elections are about stopping the Obamagogue, plain and simple, before he does further damage to everything we hold sacred. Americans understand this, and that’s why polling numbers look so good for Republicans. “Home and Change” has turned into “Wreck and Ruin”, and we’ve had enough.

I particularly enjoy when Mr. Rich adopts a holier-than-thou posture against his Liberal colleagues, lecturing them and chastising them, only to then commit the very same transgressions they do.  For example, the theme of Sunday’s column was a rebuke to Democrats for relying on a “Blame Bush” election strategy. But then he modifies the Republican idea of “partial privatization of Social Security” as a “failed Bush proposal”. Yeah, Bush bashing is quite a drug for these hippies.

But it’s Frank’s closing paragraph that really turns me on:

The Democrats have already retreated from immigration and energy reform. If they can’t make the case to Americans like Alexandra Jarrin that they offer more hope for a job than a radical conservative movement poised to tear down what remains of the safety net, they deserve to lose.

First, does he expect anyone to believe that “Democrats have already retreated from immigration and energy reform”? Will the 100 million Americans who are going to end Democratic control of the House this November fall for this? Note to Frank: we won’t be duped by your head-fake on these malignant Obama/Democrat goals that merely lie in wait, like so many more daggers, for Uncle Sam to blink; we know they are alive and kicking and we won’t rest until they are dead.

Second, the notion that the feckless Democrats could ever “make a case” for job creation is a sick joke. The only jobs Democrats ever create are government jobs and everybody knows it. Republicans know how to create real jobs and they will do so again.

Finally, we can relish his taunt of his fellow Democrats: “they deserve to lose”. Yes they do deserve to lose, for so many reasons, and so let’s make sure they do.

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Frank Rich, the left-wing ideologue in pragmatist’s clothing, often laments Obama’s failure to lead.  Over the last year he has often chastised Obama for muddling through on tough issues (and earned solid marks on being willing to criticize members of his own left-wing conspiracy).  Frank recently lamented that

… we need more than a brilliant mediator, manager or technocrat to move us beyond the wreckage… <NYT March 7>

Let me help you Frank, because I can see your anguish and want to put the fire out for you: Obama has never been an executive, as we all knew during the campaign, and no amount of wishing and praying and urging by you is going to change this simple fact.  Rather, he has inhabited various forms of a “kibbitzer”, a term his messaging chief David Axelrod recently used to refer to himself, whether as a community rabble rouser, state legislator, or U.S. Senator (for those few months before ascending to the Presidency).

Obama’s low moment during the campaign surely must have been when he was on the defensive about his experience versus…Sarah Palin’s experience (!!).  She had been a Mayor and was a Governor while he had only ever been a legislator (kibbitzer).  His response?

And so we have known all along that Obama has never been an executive and was reduced to pointing to his experience of “running a campaign” as a way to compete with the resume of the Vice-Presidential candidate (not even his main opponent).

And as poor Frank, and poor the rest of us, is seeing every day, our

…rights are denied by those least qualified (12)

This bankruptcy of experience on Obama’s part actually does matter when you are trying to be President.  It matters when you are facing the forces of Goldman, Sachs et al. and you need to not be bullied.  It matters when you are interacting with foreign leaders.  It matters a very great deal.

That you know this, Frank, is clear.  But perhaps you believe your columns are so powerful that they will transform Obama into what he is not?  They haven’t so far, and they’re not going to.  He is what he is: an impostor who lucked his way into the nation’s highest office and your brilliant critiques are and will remain impotent against this sorry truth.

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