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Every article I read about Jeb Bush running for president has the following photo featured prominently in it:

Jeb Bush looking up to...where?

Could he look any more angelic, or more hopeful and kind and wonderful?

No, this photo is as good as it gets if you are Jeb Bush.

You know there is something wrong when Liberals across the media landscape are willing to publish a flattering photo in stories about him.

And we know what that something is: Jeb Bush does not believe in the sovereignty of the United States; Jeb Bush does not believe in limited government; Jeb Bush is a Bush and not a Reagan.

The whole movement to tilt the nomination in his favor disgusts me, as does this insipid photo.


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From Yahoo news:

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The losing Virginia congressional candidate Krystal Ball suffered a campaign distraction when photos of her surfaced in which she had been wearing a santa costume while fellating Rudolph’s red nose.

That this youthful bit of fun would be turned against her during the campaign made her angry, and – I kid you not – she had this to say about it before the election:

“It is me in the pictures, and, you know, it was a gag party…” <youtube video>

And so Dr. Freud, you win again.

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