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I have enjoyed immensely the way Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner, has pursued the obviously-lying Tom Brady on Deflategate. For reasons that are not quite clear to me, Goodell has decided to play rough on the issue, letting it be known to reporters that Brady destroyed his phone (and thus potential evidence of his guilt in the ball-defaltion scandal).

This strategic leak of information was very effective, as the average football fan imagined Brady as a lying evidence-destroyer.

And so I have a question for dear Tom Brady: Tom, why don’t you remind everyone that Roger Goodell is a very committed destroyer of evidence as well?

You know what I mean, Tom — the Spygate video tapes showing how Bill Bellichick and your team cheated in three Superbowls — Roger Goodell DESTROYED THOSE CHEATING TAPES.

Ahhhh, but  you can’t go there, Tommy boy, you can’t go there, because those cheating tapes would invalidate your three Superbowl rings and reduce you to a rather average quarterback (the truth, in other words — you were never that good).

Maybe Roger Goodell feels betrayed by the Patriots on Deflategate, and that’s why he’s gone scorched earth against Brady and the team.

I can imagine him thinking to himself…“I destroyed the cheating tapes years ago to protect the Patriots and the league, and this is the thanks I get?  I’ll show them!”

We hear you, Roger, we hear you.

You pushed the Brady-destroys-cellphone angle knowing that Brady would never return fire on your own destruction of evidence.

Well played, indeed.

Desolation of Tom Brady Baggins


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Tom Brady, who has lost more Superbowls than Fran Tarkenton, has been caught in a series of lies about his role in causing footballs to be deflated below regulation in a playoff game last season.

What’s interesting to me is how sports commentators are able to make the mental leap to link this scandal with Spygate, the other mega-bout of cheating committed by the Patriots in the team’s first three Superbowls, but then become mental midgets when it comes to pinning Spygate on Brady, which they don’t do.

As Dan Patrick and other suck-ups to the NFL would have you believe, Spygate tarnished Bill Bellichick, the coach, but somehow NOT Tom Brady.

Oh really?

Tom Brady was not helped by the Spygate tapes?

Tom Brady was not helped by the speaker in his helmet announcing the defensive schemes of opposing teams before each snap of the ball?

Here is Bob Costas on whether Brady’s legacy will be tarnished (the Today Show, link):

It tarnishes it a little bit. He’s still a first-ballot Hall of Famer, (and) would’ve done pretty much what he did with inflated or deflated footballs. This is not Barry Bonds using steroids.

Actually, Bob, Brady was already tarnished by Spygate beyond recognition, and Brady should not be considered a “first ballot Hall of Famer” any more than Charles Van Doren should be remembered as a “genius” who won big money on the quiz show “21” in the 1950s.

Brady, like Van Doren, knew enough ahead of time — knowledge procured through cheating — to react in smart and effective ways, and that makes him a cheater. (See Has Tom Brady Seen Quiz Show?)

Tom Brady’s rings are worthless because in the era since the Spygate tapes were discovered (and then destroyed by Roger Goodell in order to cover up the shocking level of cheating committed by the Patriots), he has lost two Superbowls and won one, though I have the following to say about the 2015 recent win:

How else were the Patriots cheating last season, and in the Superbowl?

This is a fair question because the Patriots have shown that they are willing to go to great extremes to cheat-to-win, first with Spygate, and now with Deflategate.

It is reasonable to assume they’ve deployed other tricks on their road to the winner’s circle.

Frodo Brady title slide

Deflated Brady 2

Deflated Brady 3

Deflated Brady 4

Deflated Brady 5

Deflated Brady 6

Deflated Brady 7

Deflated Brady 9

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Congratulations to the New England Patriots on winning their first Superbowl.

Last night’s 27-24 defeat of the Seattle Seahawks seems to have been an honest win (though one can never be sure with Brady, Belichick, and the Patriots).

Tom Brady Baggins still needs to give back the stolen rings from three prior Superbowls, but for now we will let him keep last night’s and cherish it — better one than none, right Tom?

Desolation of Tom Brady Baggins

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Don Shula famously referred to New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick as “Belicheat” recently, and a host of NFL apologists dutifully lined up to downplay the New England fraud in three Superbowls, proved for all time by the Spygate cheating tapes and their destruction by Richard Nixon — whoops, I meant Roger Goodell.

What was on those tapes?

What was on those tapes?

A core part of letting New England off the hook is that old standby “Everybody Does It” (EDI), an excuse so powerful it has been trotted out to excuse all manner of infamies, including felony crimes committed by Bill Clinton, etc.

And so I enjoy when this monolithic “EDI” excuse is ripped apart, either vigorously, or casually, which is even better.

A recent case in point is from former NFL player Ross Tucker, who guest-hosted the Dan Patrick radio show last week. Mr. Tucker was an offensive lineman who played on several pro teams, including the Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys, Ross TuckerBuffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, and yes, the cheating New England Patriots.

And so, here was a back-and-forth between Tucker and Andrew Perloff on January 21, 2015:

Perloff: “Isn’t everybody guilty of something, Ross?  I mean all 32 teams, is it, as you said, it’s kinda, I don’t know…”

Tucker: “I don’t know the answer to that, and I can tell ya, most of the other teams I was on I don’t remember anything like that…”

Boom, there it is. But he left a little loop hole in his answer by saying “most of” instead of “all of”.

However, this get cleared up immediately by Mr. Tucker, who goes on to say

…although I do remember my rookie year that when were in Washington, we thought we knew some of the hand signals that the Cowboys had.  This should be noted, though, that’s not illegal, to try to steal signs.  It’s just illegal to videotape them.

Right, Ross Tucker, exactly: videotape them as the New England Patriots did throughout their “dynasty” years, which were actually their fraud years. What the Patriots did is illegal, and not something you saw when you played for five other teams.

What makes Belichick and Brady the frauds that they are is that the Patriots took an acceptable level of opponent espionage and pushed it past the boundaries into a destruction of the integrity of the game: one of their guys actually walked over to the opponents’ sidelines (!!!) with a video recorder and videotaped the opponents’ play books.

What was on those tapes?

We will never know, because Roger Goodell destroyed them rather than allow the ugly truth to become known: Brady and Belichick and Mr. Kraft’s football team are an elaborate hoax.

0 wins

2 losses

3 disqualifications

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Desolation of Tom Brady Baggins

Desolation of Brady 2

Desolation of Brady 3

Desolation of Brady 4

Desolation of Brady 5

Desolation of Brady 6

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Pity Tom Brady: Zero wins and two losses in Superbowls, and three disqualifications as a result of the Bellichick video-taping of opponent’s playbooks from those opponents’ very own sidelines (a Patriot employee on the wrong side of the field in order to cheat!), and now, as Tom prepares for his sixth Superbowl appearance (maybe he’ll finally win one?), he and his team stand accused of using footballs that were intentionally two pounds under-weight in the victory over the Colts.

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo News shows that this latest Patriots cheating is no minor offense:

Eleven? Eleven.

Eleven footballs the New England Patriots brought to Sunday’s AFC championship game have now been determined by the NFL to be under-inflated – by 2 full pounds – according to ESPN, which cited the preliminary findings of a league investigation.


The home team in an NFL game is required to provide 12 footballs (plus 12 backups). Yet almost all of them came in at the same, illegal level, 2 pounds lighter? The ball is supposed to be inflated to between 12.5 pounds and 13.5 pounds per square inch, so 16 percent below the legal minimum.

That’s not a little. Not the number of under-inflated balls, not the amount they are under-inflated. <Yahoo Sports, link>

So the Patriots stacked the deck — AGAIN — in their own favor via rule breaking in order to win a football game. Brady and Bellichick are so desperate to win that they can’t help but cheat, cementing for all time their status as con-artists.

And so I must now reveal again the sorry state of Tom Brady’s soul — weighed down by the Fraudulent Rings from three stolen Superbowls — Tom Brady Baggins.

The rings are so heavy now…

Truth and justice and winning fair-and-square have been eclipsed by the power of the Rings…the stolen rings….that Tom Brady Baggins must return to Mount Doom so that his soul may be cleansed and so that he may yet win a True Ring.

This year is already lost, Tom Baggins — whoops, you did it again.


Tom Brady and the Return of the Rings


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As Tom Brady Baggins prepares to take the field this weekend, he is no doubt weighed down heavily by his fraudulent Superbowl rings and the comment made recently by NFL legend Don Shula:

Dave Hyde of the Sun-Sentinel writes in a profile of Shula at the age of 85 that when the subject of Belichick came up, that unflattering nickname was Shula’s response.

Beli-cheat?” Shula says. <NBC Sports, link>

The NFL and its media enablers would like us all to pretend, along with them, that the Patriots’ Superbowl “wins” were legitimate, and comments like this from the likes of Don Shula burst the bubble of fantasy, if only briefly.

But make no mistake: Commissioner Roger Goodell destroyed the Patriots cheating tapes, a Richard Nixon-like admission of guilt that the cheating was profoundly damning and apparently bad enough to cast doubt over three Superbowls — something he must have felt he could not allow.

But in doing so, he put the nail in the coffin of Patriots legitimacy.

Tom Brady and Bill Bellichick are con-artists who have never won a Superbowl. Their record to date is 0 – 2  and 3 disqualifications. Let’s give them credit for 5 Superbowl appearances, even though three were the result of cheating, but let’s also admit that the Patriots are no better than the Buffalo Bills, who went 0 – 4 in Superbowls contested.

Brady & Co. will lose again, because the fraudulent rings must be given back before the curse can be lifted from their cheating souls.

Brady and the 3 Fraudulent Rings

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