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I just love the Joe Biden story line….waiting patiently as Hillary’s IT guy is questioned by law enforcement after having been granted immunity from prosecution…

You just know he’s ready to jump in and save the Democrat party from a Hillary candidacy or a Bernie Sanders candidacy, and so Biden bides his time….

Hillary and the Joker

First he shows up at the Oscars, looking presidential…

Biden at the Academy Awards - 1


And now he will apparently go to Israel to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu after Netanyahu just rejected an Obama invitation to meet at the White House.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declined an offer to meet President Barack Obama at the White House later this month and canceled his trip to Washington, the White House said on Monday…

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, on a five-day trip to the Middle East, is due to visit Israel later this week and hold talks with Netanyahu. <Yahoo News, link>

Biden Netanyahu

He’s coming for you, Hillary, he’s coming for you…



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It pained me today to read this bit of news:

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will make a “major speech” on the 2016 White House race on Thursday, Fox News reported on Wednesday.

Fox News said there was no sign that Romney was set to enter the 2016 race, citing people close to the 2012 White House hopeful.

The speech is scheduled to begin at 11:30 a.m. EST. <Huffingtonpost.com, link>

Like most people, I expect that Mitt might be crazy enough to throw his hat into the ring for the Republican nomination tomorrow, no doubt spurred on by the Republican establishment’s horror that Donald Trump is on track to win the nomination.

Although I thought in 2012 that Mitt Romney would have made an excellent president, the fact that he could not take his gloves off and rip apart Barack Hussein Obama’s character, his track record, and everything he stands for, disqualifies him from being the future Republican nominee.

You see, Mitt, you can’t just be “right for the job”, you have to WIN the job, and to do that you need to be willing to fight for it.

And you were not willing to fight for it in 2012, when you should have easily beaten a man who destroyed American health care while Wall Street got away with murder (not to mention running guns to Mexican drug cartels and then covering up such treachery).

Barack Obama destroyed your character in Ohio for nearly a year while you said and did nothing in return.

You think you have the stomach to take on Criminal Hillary Clinton in the general election?

No, you don’t. You are weak against Democrats who are willing to play dirty, and if you can’t win the job then you should not be the nominee.

Please stay at home, Mitt. You had your chance, and you let a man who obviously hates the United States beat you.

If you can’t beat Obama after such a disastrous first term, then you can’t beat anybody.

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I’m sure we all have noticed the forced expression that Hillary Clinton imposes on audiences everywhere.

Hillary weird open-mouth strategy

How creepy is this?

It’s just awful and weird, and inauthentic.

But I am absolutely sure this is election science behind it, because we all know that people who are as dour and angry as Hillary Clinton reportedly is don’t look like this unless they are putting on an act, and such an act can only have one goal: make voters imagine that she is a positive force in America.

As if. We all know she is not.

I did a little internet research and found an article entitled “Body Language — the Magic of Smiles and Laughter”, and would you believe there is a name for Hillary Clinton’s weird clown face?

Yes, on the list of smile types is the Drop Jaw Smile, and this is what the article says about it (please note, I did not make this up, it is on the website exactly as follows):

The Drop Jaw Smile

This is a practiced smile where the lower jaw is simply dropped down to give the impression that the person is laughing or playful. This is a favorite of people such as the Joker in Batman, Bill Clinton, and Hugh Grant, all of whom use it to engender happy reactions in their audiences or to win more votes.

Well now, that pretty much nails it, doesn’t it.

So after reading this blurb about “Drop Jaw Smile” I went online and looked for an image of the upcoming Joker character in the next Batman movie, and this is what I was presented with:

The Joker

I have to say, this expression looks awfully familiar…

Hillary and the Joker

Ok then, so I think we’ve identified pretty well this particular aspect of Hillary Clinton’s fake persona.

I am disheartened by the Liberal media and how they play along with this visual strategy, running photos of her with what is supposed to be the opposite of her true countenance. There are many photos available that are far more true to life, and yet the media are rooting for her and so they give us more of this one look.

But none of this propaganda can erase the trail of bad acts committed by Hillary Clinton over the last four decades, starting with failed savings and loans, continuing with four Americans dead in Benghazi, and ending with the selling of American influence in exchange for cash from foreigners while she “served” as Secretary of State.

I wish Joe Biden were running, and still can’t believe that a sitting Vice President who ran for the presidency several times before is sitting this one out.


Hillary as she is

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I have been on my own roller-coaster of reactions to the Trump candidacy, as The Donald (his NYC nickname for many years) gyrates and gesticulates with characteristic bombast.

Like many people, I have found his outspoken and off-script comments to be a breath of fresh air after suffering through several decades of presidents and presidential candidates who tailor(ed) their every syllable to be in alignment with whatever their pollster-gurus were/are advising them.

But also like many people, I have been put off by many of his incendiary comments, particularly his personal attacks on various people (including many fellow Republicans) who provoked him in one way or another.

As his knee-jerk retaliations continue to pile up, it occurred to me that Donald Trump may be in danger of being too much like Sonny Corleone from the Godfather.

Sonny and Donald

If you don’t remember the movie and this particular character (played brilliantly by James Caan), let me refresh your memory and my point will become quite obvious.

The Godfather, played by Marlon Brando, had three sons, and each one had a particular personality that informed the narrative arc in the movie: Michael (Al Pacino) was the favorite son and had a blend of smarts, naiveté, and earnest loyalty; Fredo (John Cazale) was the runt and had an obvious array of vulnerabilities; and Sonny (James Caan) was the hothead who was powerful and impulsive.

Sonny’s Downfall, or why a short fuse can lead to ruin

What worries me about Donald Trump’s tendency to fly into a rage of retaliation at the slightest provocation is that enemies (of which the world is chock full) can too easily gain the upper hand with such people, and Sonny’s fate in the movie is perhaps the most classic fictional depiction of this idea in action.

Sonny and Donald 2

The synopsis is this (spoiler alert, though if you have never seen the Godfather, then something is wrong with you!!): members of a rival crime family plot to kill Sonny by staging a provocation — Sonny’s sister’s husband slaps her around to the point where she calls him in tears and anguish — that lures Sonny (in a rage) into his car and through a toll booth, at which he is machine-gunned to death.

The plot worked because every ounce of Sonny’s reaction and behavior was predictable: his rage, his immediate recourse (get in the car to speed to the rescue), and his route, and he delivered himself easily into the hands of his enemies.

Sonny's car at the toll booth

The list of Trump’s knee-jerk (and then escalating) retaliations is long and the style and content of them reveal a loss of control that reminds me of Sonny to some degree.

Senator John McCain referred to Trump’s supporters as “crazies”, and so Trump quickly declared that McCain is “not a war hero” and then later called him a “dummy” as the “feud” escalated. Similarly, Trump’s “feud” with Megyn Kelly of Fox News began with a string of insults that gained, not lost, steam.

Sonny and Donald 3

Seeing Trump allowing himself to get hooked on these “feuds” is disheartening, to say the least. People fault Trump for taking controversial political views, such as building a wall along the southern border, but it is his demeanor in these petty spats with all manner of people that make me feel his is unfit for the office of the presidency.

Then again, Barack Obama has so sullied the office of the presidency there can be no further damage done to it.

In any event, Mr. Trump, listen to me now and believe me later: be less like Sonny Corleone and more like Michael, and you just might win the nomination and then the presidency. Check out this bit of news after Thanksgiving — the guy’s a contender for sure (Daily Caller, link):

Thanksgiving news about Trump

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Fiorina, I like

Last year I heard Carly Fiorina speaking about Hillary Clinton and the lies Clinton has told, and the fake “war on women” leftists hide behind, and I was impressed and even hopeful she might be a strong contender for the presidency.

I know this is a bit far-fetched given the absence of political office in her background, but let’s all remember what the Manchurian candidate Barack Hussein Obama was able to pull off, and no president will ever be more inimical to our nation than that man.

Let’s also remember that real-life experience (i.e., NOT political campaign or office experience) is what we desperately need in a Chief Executive.

I did not watch the “2nd tier” Republican debate, but have read news stories about it and Fiorina’s rhetoric is the most presidential of any of the candidates.

How starved are we for a president that believes in American exceptionalism? VERY, and this quote is heartening. <CNN, link>

I started as a secretary and became ultimately the chief executive of the largest technology company in the world, almost $90 billion in over 150 countries. I know personally how extraordinary and unique this nation is.

Fiorina also speaks in very clear, yet forceful language: she is easy to understand because she keeps her “cliche” content to a minimum, while other candidates speak 95% cliche and 5% substance.

On Day One in the Oval Office, I would make two phone calls. The first one would be to my good friend, Bibi Netanyahu, to reassure him we will stand with the State of Israel. The second will be to the supreme leader of Iran. He might not take my phone call, but he would get the message, and the message is this: Until you open every nuclear and every military facility to full, open, anytime, anywhere, for real inspections, we are going to make it as difficult as possible for you to move money around the global financial system.

I like the reference to being in the Oval, and I like the message about where she stands on who our friends are, and who our enemies are, and that they are the precise REVERSE of the current occupier of the Oval.

And of course, the way she goes after Hillary Clinton is thrilling <Washington Post, link>:

Hillary Clinton lies about Benghazi. She lies about e-mails. She is still defending Planned Parenthood, and she is still her party’s front-runner. 

I like it all and will be interested to see how it unfolds.

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How far we have fallen as a nation, my god.

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Is this a picture of a future president?

Tired Hillary

So tired, even exhausted.

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