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I read a piece by Ken Hoagland at the Daily Caller today and wanted to share it, word for word. It speaks eloquently to the very core of American values and the political philosophy of the great Founding Fathers, from which it came. [Link]


Our Constitution is designed to allow citizens to both limit and empower their government. Citizens were given this power because the Founding Fathers were thoughtful scholars of history. They understood that, throughout history, concentrated power has always sought more power.

But the last seven years of the Obama administration has fundamentally changed the agreement between citizens and their government. Congress, the elected voice of citizens, was designed to share a co-equal role in governing. That is no longer true. The citizen’s role in defining our government has now been reduced to the popularity contest between candidates. The absence of any effective GOP remedy to this violation is the root cause of the fracture of the GOP.

Federal agencies now routinely refuse Congressional oversight and hide or distort reports on their activities and spending. The laws that define the duties, work and goals of agencies are now amended, exceeded or ignored without Congressional approval and without consequence. Rules that govern every aspect of American lives are adopted without public comment or by simply ignoring public opinions.

The media, when they even bother to pursue stories, is consistently misled. And, the Freedom of Information Act, as we’ve learned from the State Department and Hillary Clinton, is routinely frustrated or simply ignored. This has gone so far that for the “greater good” (to stop Trump) some journalists now astoundingly argue that erasing public documents is really no big deal.

The president’s National Security Advisor, Ben Rhodes, felt so comfortable with lying to reporters and editors that he later crowed about it as did ObamaCare architect Johnathan Gruber who bragged about the value of misleading a “stupid” populace (and a complacent media). Years now go by while responsible media outlets petition our courts to enforce unambiguous laws that require disclosure to the public of what public servants are doing.

The Constitution forces accommodation both between the branches of our government and often widely divergent views in the population. But in the name of “getting things done” Barack Obama has run over the Constitutional limits that require such accommodations. Even agreements with foreign nations that are pregnant with consequences like the Iran “deal” or release of terrorists from US custody are now beyond citizen input through their Members of Congress.

Indeed, even standing laws and normal practices have been ignored in the name of some greater good. One can’t help but conclude that FBI director James Comey traded away, “all equal before the law”, a bedrock American principle, so that the nation’s highest law enforcement agency would not interfere in the Presidential election. He granted participants in the investigated crimes immunity and “client-lawyer” protections that are never granted to lawyers who act in furtherance of the investigated crime. He then substituted “intent” for the “negligence” that is the central element of the violations of national security laws.

We risk all by easing or erasing the rules and laws that govern a civil society. When laws are ignored, when the people’s elected body is bypassed and when knowing lies from our highest officials are excused as justified (because of their popularity and and their goals) we risk never returning to standards of principle and virtue that over time maintain the fidelity of our national experiment.
Similarly, when the media that is essential to keeping the powerful honest decide that the stakes are so high that journalistic principles of fairness and even handed adversarial coverage should be abandoned we have thrown ourselves down a slippery slope that has no bottom.

Those who pay the price are those who have lost the power invested in them by our nation’s Founders—our citizens. Our fates will now be increasingly decided by those with greater and greater power. Their agenda’s will be beyond the reach of American citizens–exactly what the Founding Fathers feared.


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The Paris attacks, at the hands of Islamic jihadis, are heartbreaking in so many ways. I truly love Paris, and have had many great moments there. At dinner with friends recently, I fantasized about us all traveling to Paris and bathing ourselves in the city’s great food, architecture, history, and beauty.

I once traveled to India on a business trip, and instead of flying directly home we chose to have a business meeting in Paris, allowing us to spend 24 hours in the city. I will never forget the feeling I had, exhausted from India, as the sight of Notre Dame came into view, in the afternoon sun…tears filled my eyes as my soul felt the embrace of this monument to the Western tradition.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Don’t get me wrong, I love India — its food, its people, its spirituality.

But I am wholly of the West, and cherish its essence so very, very much. The sight of Notre Dame spoke to me more loudly in that moment than any poetry ever could — I was home.

Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite.

But as much as I love the Western tradition, other people, including some who are of the west and many who are outside it, hate it and want to destroy it.

Now, if you want to destroy a group of wealthy and powerful nations, how do you go about it? Should you launch a direct assault?

Of course not, as frontal assault against a more powerful enemy always fails.

No, you must infiltrate the enemy’s borders, increase your numbers over time, resist any assimilation of your culture into theirs, show patience as you plot and plan, and then strike from within, to deadly effect.

Obama with frown

If you were a terrorist in the Middle East in 2007, you may have dreamed the following dream:

  • That an American president would diminish American power generally and specifically,
  • That an American president would abandon Iraq and Afghanistan without leaving a critical mass of combat personnel to help protect fledgling governments (as every previous American president had done as wars were ended),
  • That an American president would embrace Islamic hardliners like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and elsewhere,
  • That an American president would fail to intervene in Syria despite documented use of chemical weapons (proving that the so-called “red line” of the president was crossed without consequence, and that other murderous actions would face a similar lack of consequences),
  • That an American president would fail to protect U.S. diplomats from assassination and subsequent degradation of their bodies in the streets, 
  • That an American president would traffic in anti-Christian rhetoric while refusing to use the terms “Muslim” and “Islam” when discussing multiple terrorist bombings and killings inside his own country and around the world,
  • That an American president would liberate senior Muslim commanders from Guantanamo Bay, for no good reason,
  • That an American president would give the America-hating and Jew-hating Iranian mullahs a direct path to the procurement of nuclear weapons,
  • That an American president would welcome 10,000 refugees into the interior of the United States from a country whose population harbors terrorists from Hezbollah, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other jihadist groups.

All this and more has in fact come true, so much so that our 2007 jihadi dreamer must be simply shocked at this point.

If you voted for mr. Obama, are you shocked yet? Will you ever be.

From Christopher Hull, writing in US News and World Report (“Obama is Dead Wrong About the Paris Attacks“):

The Obama White House would also have you believe that the 10,000 Syrian refugees the president is in the process of bringing to America this year alone will “go through the most robust security process of anybody who’s contemplating travel to the United States.” Just last week, the administration acknowledged that it was bringing online refugee screening outposts in the Middle East to “push out really ambitious goals” to “increase the channels” for bringing Syrians to America.

Unfortunately, President Obama’s own FBI director, James Comey, says the U.S. can’t properly vet Syrians for ties to Islamic jihad. Likewise, the assistant director for the FBI, Michael Steinback, has told Congress that when it comes to Syrian refugees, “We don’t have it under control.”

And so the accelerating suicide of the United States of America continues.

Since the Paris attacks Friday night, the internet has been flooded with examples of worldwide expressions of solidarity with France. On the one hand I find this to be touching and reaffirming of the goodness in many corners of the earth.

On the other hand, I am growing tired of the world’s sympathy for each “bloodbath” of terrorist carnage perpetrated against innocent Westerners, whether in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, committed by Muslim extremists, or the Madrid train bombing, committed by Muslim extremists, or the Paris attacks, committed by Muslim extremists.

And so with the benefit of hindsight, if you voted for Barack Hussein Obama in 2012 and/or in 2008, we can now say with certainty that you made the wrong choice. Whatever your “key issues” were in each campaign — you know, the ones that made you pull the lever for this man whose formative years were spent in Indonesia and whose mentors and parents hated our country and heritage — they were the wrong ones.

The Western world is being destroyed before our very eyes, and the liberty that we all have enjoyed these last 100 years is getting asphyxiated more and more each day as a result of the calamity of toxic actions taken or not taken by the Obama administration.

WE MUST RESOLVE, that for all its flaws, the Western tradition, as rendered most fully in the United States of America, is the last best hope of earth.

Inalienable rights.



The sanctity of the individual.

Rule by law and not by personality.

The right to make free choices in pursuit of happiness.

These ideas are fragile and must be defended, or they will be extinguished by evil men.

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This president, Barack Hussein Obama, has a strong connection to the word “illegal”, and a bipartisan group just confirmed again what we all knew, which is that Obama’s prisoner swap of the Taliban dream team — five senior commanders — for the traitor Bowe Bergdahl was illegal.

The Pentagon broke the law when it swapped Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for five Taliban leaders, congressional investigators said Thursday. The nonpartisan Government Accountability Office said the Defense Department failed to notify the relevant congressional committees at least 30 days in advance of the exchange — a violation of the law — and used $988,400 of a wartime account to make the transfer. The Government Accountability Office also said the Pentagon’s use of funds that had not been expressly appropriated violated the Antideficiency Act. Five senior Taliban members were released from the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, in exchange for Sergeant Bergdahl, who disappeared from his post in Afghanistan in June 2009. <New York Times, link> <emphasis added>

Perhaps mr. Obama should change his middle name to “Illegal”, as in “Barack Illegal Obama”, given the long list of willful law breaking he has committed, including repeated re-writing of the ACA healthcare law, refusal to enforce existing immigration laws, and refusal to answer congressional subpoenas. (But then, I’ll bet Barry is happy to keep the middle name “Hussein”, don’t you think?)

NatGeo MedievalI was reading National Geographic this weekend (“Inside the Medieval World”) and found a beautiful description of the Magna Carta, that great foundational document of the anglo-saxon tradition of the Rule of Law.

Here are some excerpts from the copy:

“King John lost England’s French holdings after a series of unwise political moves.  In an attempt to wage war and reclaim the lands, he bore down on his subjects, collecting exorbitant taxes.  His frustrated barons rebelled in 1214 under the organization of Stephen Langton, the Archbishop of Canterbury, who proposed that they present their demands to the king in a “great charter.”

The nobles drew up a list of grievances that formed a contract between the king and the nobility, guaranteeing the latter certain customary feudal rights…King John’s initial refusal to sign didn’t last long, due to the nobles’ threatening 2,000-knight army.

On June 15, 1215, King John signed and put his seal on the Magna Carta–marking the end of absolute monarchy.”

Note the prelude to this historic document of liberty: exactly 800 years ago, an unchecked central power was “bearing down” on “subjects” through “exorbitant taxation” to make up for its pushing the nation towards bankruptcy. Sound familiar?

And now, the key next sentence:

“It limited the ruler’s power to the written laws of the land and set a precedent for representative government.”

Isn’t it obvious that Barack Obama’s repeated circumvention of our nation’s laws, including the very Constitution itself, puts him squarely on the side of kings and against us all — the 99%?

Despotic regimes - Obama and King John 800 years apart

But lately we also see our institutions pushing back against this man and his destructive intentions and actions.

Regarding the Obama Justice department’s refusal to turn over documents relating to Obama’s gun-walking of 2,000 assault weapons into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, this ruling just came down:

A federal judge has ordered the Justice Department to provide Congress with a list of documents that are at the center of a long-running battle over a failed law enforcement program called Operation Fast and Furious. <Fox News, link>

This ruling, although limited to providing a list rather than the documents themselves, is important in at least two ways, the first being its obvious check on Obama’s abusive and obfuscatory executive branch.  And the second way is juicy indeed: so often, the rulings of judges are themselves political in nature, and one wonders if our collective political lives are never able to transcend party affiliation, but in this case, we have cause for great joy:

Jackson, the judge in the current case, is an appointee of President Barack Obama.

Congressman Darrell Issa, Chairman of the Congressional Oversight Panel, had this to say about the ruling <Politico, link>:

This administration has been so intent on hiding the contents of these documents that it allowed Attorney General Holder to be held in contempt instead of just turning them over to Congress. The privilege log will bring us closer to finding out why the Justice Department hid behind false denials in the wake of reckless conduct that contributed to the violent deaths of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and countless Mexican citizens.

And let’s not forget the House of Representatives lawsuit against Barack Obama in which the defendant stands accused in a very formal way of repeatedly breaking the laws of the land.

Unlike mr. Obama, who violates his oath of office on a near-daily basis, Congressmen and women and several federal judges are upholding their oaths of office by attempting to reign in this heinous and damaging executive regime.

Their actions are in the true spirit of the Magna Carta, and of the United States of America, in which no man is above the law.

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The USA was founded by men who violently threw off the yoke of a King and his courtiers and who then founded a new system of government in which a petty despot could not so easily run the lives of millions of people and turn them into pawns in his selfish and childish games.

These enlightened men created a national government OF, BY, and FOR the people, and elevated the Rule of Law far above the rule of a power elite and their byzantine systems of patronage.

Do these words mean anything any more, in this era of Barack Hussein’ Obama’s “You Didn’t Build That (the government did)”?

Maybe a quick look at the military coup in Thailand will break through the Liberal brain fog more easily than the lofty ideals of the Founding Fathers.

Thailand has been unable to break out of a cycle of military coups to achieve true democracy. A military man has led Thailand for 54 of the 82 years since the Southeast Asian country ended absolute monarchy in 1932. It continues to bounce between coups and fragile democratic governments…<Associated Press, link>

Yes, democracy is fragile, as are most gifts bestowed upon mankind.

But how exactly is freedom crushed by central power? Marc Saxer of the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung, a German foundation promoting democracy, offers a nice description of the heart of the beast:

Patronage relations dominate all aspects of Thai society and have a crippling effect on democratic institutions and political culture. Never mind the democratic facade, key decisions are made by a network of patrons in the backroom.

And who manages these patronage relations? The ‘bosses’ of course — the “power brokers” who

…dole out rewards to subordinates whose loyalty flows to them rather than to state institutions.

This last bit is instructive because it echoes the destruction of American institutions being led by Barack Obama: the Veterans Administration, the IRS, Immigration & Customs Enforcement, and most especially the United States Congress itself; all are being undermined and twisted by his wanton disregard for the rule of law and the Constitution.

For mr. Obama knows that to “fundamentally transform” the Pieta that is America, he must weaken and destroy its government institutions and replace them with systems of power brokers and patronage (just wait for the Independent Payment Advisory Board in 2017, and you will experience directly the truth of my words).

His is not a military coup, but something far worse: a nearly silent suffocation of American heritage, American culture, and American government.


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Check out this video of Dinesh D’Souza’s re-cut of the “Between Two Ferns” interview originally done by Zach Galifinakis.

The trailer for D’Souza’s new movie is compelling on many levels, and his question “What if America had never existed” is a very good one to ask.

We know the answer, of course, is that the world would be one giant prison camp of fascism — a global Orwellian state crushing souls at will, whether led by Nazis or other regimes that were vanquished by the USA these last 200 years.

But we also know that Liberals will answer very differently and say that the world would be an Eden without America, for they believe our country to be a malignant tumor on the world.

Where will this difference of opinion end?

As of right now, the haters are winning, led by a very effective community organizer occupying the White House. How far will he get?

If you voted for mr. Obama, how far do you want him to get?

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I came across an article on the wrist watches (or pocket watches) worn/used by various American presidents, and it began with a discussion of George Washington and his time pieces [link].

The following paragraph struck me on a very deep level and I wanted to share it:

Washington is also known to have owned a watch by Jean-Antoine Lépine while he was President. On November 28, 1778, Washington sent a letter from his home in Mount Vernon to Gouverneur Morris. Morris presumably had asked Washington if he could get him anything while he was doing business in Europe. Washington replied:

Dear Sir,  I had the pleasure to receive by the last mail your letter dated the 12th of this month. I am much obliged by your offer of executing commissions for me in Europe, and shall take the liberty of charging you with one only. I wish to have a good gold watch procured for my own use; not a small, trifling, nor finically ornamented one, but a watch well executed in point of workmanship, and of about the size and kind of that which was procured by Mr. Jefferson for Mr. Madison, which was large and flat. I imagine Mr. Jefferson can give you the best advice on the subject, as I am told this species of watches, which I have described, can be found cheaper and better fabricated in Paris than in London.

There is something about Washington’s writing here — maybe that it is not about matters of state, but about something far more mundane — that invokes in me an even deeper reverence for that time on the earth when Gods walked among men.

Those who know this blog know what I am talking about: George Washington, almost alone among the great men of history, voluntarily gave up power and returned to his private life after having served two terms as American President. Such was his commitment to honoring the founding principles of our young nation, which had fought so hard to throw off the chains of monarchy and its tyrannical rule by petty despots. Men of power never do this: they cling to the scepter until it transforms them and ruins them and leads whole countries and even civilizations inexorably down a path of subjugation, misery, destruction, and death.

"Trenton N.J. / Dec. 10th 1777. / Presented to my Friend / Col. Thos. Johnson of Md. / as a Memento / of my great Esteem. / Geo. Washington."

“Trenton N.J. / Dec. 10th 1777. / Presented to my Friend / Col. Thos. Johnson of Md. / as a Memento / of my great Esteem. / Geo. Washington.”

Central power was abhorrent to Washington, as it was to Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, who of course wrote our founding documents and outlined in detail the principles of our liberty. These men created the blue print for what became the greatest nation ever to grace the face of the earth — the most free, the most prosperous, and the most in alignment with mankind’s best and highest nature.

To think of them fraternizing in a casual way, arranging to give gifts to each other, such as fine time pieces, engraved with words written by them, these men who wrote the Declaration of Independence and such…

It makes the spirit soar, or at least my spirit, and this is a welcome relief from the tragedy currently unfolding under the despotic regime of Barack Hussein Obama, a man who stands and acts against our nation’s legacy and against the high ideals and sacred honor of our Founding Fathers.

Men like Obama, who promote and crave central power, are common place among us, and always have been. Even their extreme appetite for sadistic command and control (“we punish our enemies”, said Obama, and he was referring not to foreign enemies but to Americans who oppose his beliefs) is barely noteworthy among members of the human race, which always leans towards tyranny. They are the men the Founders sought to protect us against, and for hundreds of years their system has worked.

And now that system is faltering, as the Founders knew it might.

But wherever we go from here, we can all say that we lived in a Great Era of Freedom, led by the United States of America — that we had choices and wealth for most of our lives; that hostile foreign powers who sought to enslave the world were either vanquished by us or at least kept in check; and that we were allowed to be free and joyful and masters of our own individual lives.

I am and will forever be grateful that I lived in this time and in this place, and it is these men we have to thank for a way of life and government that has promoted so well the greater glory of each of us, and all of us.

Mount Rushmore

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All of life on earth ebbs and flows. This is the rhythm of the place, and human history can be explained as a series of movements back and forth between various extremes. Sometimes these swings take decades and sometimes centuries, and although we may feel as though we are living in a stable time, the good fortune of any era can never be taken for granted. The urgent truth is that the glorious American experiment is in trouble. How did we get here?

As Americans, our particular good fortune is that the Founding Fathers created a system of government that fostered a kind of golden mean of human societal organization and management: not too loose (the Articles of Confederation decentralized power to a fault) and not too autocratic (no sense replacing the deposed King with another one).

They realized that the pendulum usually swings too far in both directions, and that more often than not, it swings to the autocratic and dictatorial side (even in the great historical republics, which inevitably sunk into fascism).

But even they were not counting on the rise of Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, and Imperial Japan and their attendant two world wars, all of which caused the United States central government to grow, and grow, and grow.

The Pendulum Swings

And so in answer to the question, how did we get here? I offer a recent history of the United States in a few simple pictures.

Pendulum of Government Regulation

As you can see, party affiliation is of little consequence: Republican presidents are in a few surprising places, and so are Democratic presidents.

Beginning in the late 1960s, the pendulum stands at one end with stifling, sclerotic government regulation of industry and its attendant economic contraction — Lyndon Johnson (Great Society) / Richard Nixon (wage and price controls) / Jimmy Carter (triumph of bureaucratic indecision). Beginning with Jimmy Carter’s deregulation of the airline industry in 1978 (one of Jimmy’s rare achievements) and continuing in earnest with the election of Ronald Reagan, it begins to swing back towards the middle, creating an era of economic liberation and growth yet still within the bounds of reasonable regulatory oversight. After Reagan, the pendulum begins to swing too far the other way, particularly during the two terms of the Bill Clinton presidency. Mr. Clinton, along with his Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, abolished the Glass-Steagall banking law that had protected the American financial system from crises for 60 straight years.

Let me repeat this last fact, as it is occasionally forgotten (blocked out?) in Liberal circles: Bill Clinton (D) and Robert Rubin (D) repealed the Glass-Steagall banking law and allowed investment banks to once again co-mingle investment banking, commercial banking, and proprietary trading all under one too-big-to-fail umbrella.

Likewise, Barney Frank (D) and his fellow Democrats in Congress chose to ease the regulatory burdens on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac during the 1990s and 2000s despite innumerable calls for greater oversight, leaving these institutions to ultimately hang themselves and all the nations of the earth in the 2008 economic catastrophe from which we are still trying to recover.

If you are a Democrat, or a Liberal, you may be feeling a kind of cognitive dissonance when faced with these facts, but this is a good sign: it shows that enough of the truth is getting through to you to cause you some discomfort, and how can you not be upset? I am upset with my own party and have been on many occasions: Richard Nixon (R) imposed wage and price controls, a fact that gives me quite a bit of cognitive dissonance, as such controls are the ultimate expression of anti-American central planning. Likewise, George W. Bush (R) is on one of the extreme ends of the pendulum swing above, and he must share the blame for not doing more to stop the momentum bequeathed to him by Clinton. So let us not be blinded by the Democrat and Republican schism in American politics and focus more instead on each leader and what he actually did and did not do.

To return to the narrative: as the world economy entered free-fall in 2008, the American electorate wanted the pendulum to swing back the other way and was ripe for a Manchurian candidate who would usher in a “change” in America.

But the pendulum always swings too far.

Enter Barack Hussein Obama, a man who was raised in Indonesia by parents and friends who espoused an anti-capitalist, anti-colonialist, and anti-American set of philosophies and principles that in fact are wholly outside of the normal ebb and flow of American political and economic principles.

He has used the failures of capitalism as an excuse to plunge us into socialism and fascism, just as Karl Marx and Nikita Khrushchev foretold.

The Pendulum Breaks

Pendulum of Govt Regulation swings to Obama fascism

A short but potent list of his actions while in office is sobering, and alarming: He has effectively nationalized health care through the imposition of a punitive tax regime on businesses and citizens to be (selectively…) enforced by the IRS, particularly against those who are young and healthy; He has, through Obamacare, created a new star chamber of federal bureaucrats (the IPAB) who will become the unelected politburo for decision making around health care for the elderly (for those who think the term “fascism” is over-reaching, I urge you to read about the IPAB, and about selective enforcement of byzantine laws, as starting points);  He imposed drilling bans on federal lands and in the Gulf of Mexico after the BP oil spill, damaging further an already devastated region of the country; He has initiated selective, unilateral changes to existing laws in direct violation of the Constitution, including those involving health care, immigration, and energy regulations; and he seeks to dramatically weaken the second amendment to the Constitution, again using crisis events as an excuse to expand state power.

The cherry on top of this sundae du merde is that Barack Obama chose NOT to re-regulate Wall Street after the crisis; he chose NOT to prevent Wall Street firms from paying bonuses with tax-payer money (they didn’t miss even one year of bonuses); he chose NOT to push for prosecution of financial crimes.

At first this seems hard to understand, until you remember that Barack Obama does not want to save capitalism, he wants to destroy it utterly and completely (break the pendulum, once and for all) for the purpose of creating a permanent state control of the economy.

Leaving banks as Too-Big-To-Fail, which, to this day, they very much are, constitutes a doubling down by Barack Obama on the reckless endangerment Gretchen Morgenson of the New York Times has written about ad nauseum.

Failure of whole industries allows central government fascists the opportunity to walk in and take over. For example, here is what just happened in Venezuela, where a decade of fascism and socialism have destroyed private businesses and led to shortages:

(CNN) — When you’re running low on toilet paper and getting desperate, what do you do?

If you’re the Venezuelan government, you take over a toilet paper factory. On Saturday, Vice President Jorge Arreaza announced the “temporary occupation” of the Paper Manufacturing Company’s plant in the state of Aragua. The aim, he explained, is to review the “production, marketing and distribution (of) toilet paper.”

“The … People’s Defense from the Economy will not allow hoarding or failures in the production and distribution of essential commodities,” the vice president said. By the “People’s Defense,” Arreaza was referring to a government agency created on September 13 by President Nicolas Maduro to “defeat the economic war that has been declared in the country,” according to a report from state-run ATV. This group is charged with looking at inefficiencies across various industries in the nation, including foods and other products, and taking action presumably in the South American nation’s best interests. <source>

This example is almost too perfect: a government fascist, Hugo Chavez, nationalizes whole industries in his country (in the name of the “people”), which of course plunges the economy into economic ruin. Then, when shortages occur, as they always do and as they soon will in American health care, the central government “temporarily” takes over a private company in order to “ensure supply” against a paranoid fantasy of plots to under-supply the market, further demonizing private industry and glorifying the government bureaucrats…

So what did Barack Obama do to repair the financial industry, and our country, and insulate it against another financial crisis?


And what do you think Barack Obama will do when another major bank is on the brink of failure?

Conduct a “Temporary occupation.”

This is fascism, brought to America via a man who expertly and cruelly used the sentiments of so many citizens who wanted nothing more than the pendulum to be made to swing back the other way.

If you voted for Barack Obama, you must now confront the truth, which is that a world-class demagogue used you in order to do something quite different, and something he is accelerating on in every possible way.

Soon he will ask you for your vote in the mid-term elections so that he can remove the final obstacle (Republican control of the House) to the achievement of the full extent of his vile ambition. Will you be sympathetic to his siren song, now that you know the truth?

In Summary

The pendulum is always swinging between too much, and too little, government regulation.

We cannot afford the sclerotic and stifling central planning of LBJ/Nixon/Carter.

Neither can we afford the anarchy of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

And we most definitely cannot afford the fascism and central planning of Barack Hussein Obama, a man whose formative years had nothing whatsoever to do with the American experience.

We must elect leaders who will set a course toward the golden mean, as Reagan did, and as Teddy Roosevelt did when he broke the trusts in the early twentieth century to curb the abuses of capitalism so that he could save capitalism.

And we must survive the malignant reign of this man, Barack Obama, who operates not in any way to preserve capitalism, but instead to destroy it and all that we hold dear in the American civilization.

May God save the Unites States of America these next three years, and may a plurality of voters make the right choice in 2016.

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