Borders and No Borders

Just a quick note to once again observe the insanity of the human animal: in the last six months I’ve traveled outside the country quite a bit, and each time I enter a foreign country and have my papers checked thoroughly….and each time I return to the great United States, the greatest country to ever grace the face of the earth, and have my papers checked thoroughly — “What countries did you visit; why did you travel there; are you brining in any food, insects, etc etc etc…” — I marvel that there are political leaders in our country from both political parties, and tens of millions of Americans, who believe that our border with Mexico does not matter and should not be enforced.

George W. Bush, Barack Hussein Obama, Jeb Bush, and so many more, all believe that 10 – 20 million illegal immigrants should be allowed to cross the border at will, live in the United States, earn money, repatriate that money, move freely (especially in “sanctuary cities”), get drivers’ licenses, and even collect money from various state governments (various forms of financial assistance).

This Open Border stance is, of course, entirely inconsistent with the elaborate border controls we all face when entering the United States. As I have written before, do you think you or I, as citizens, could get off a plane at LAX or JFK and re-enter the country without showing our passports and being interrogated? No way, no how, and I am glad this is the case — it is correct and sane.

Show you papers or you can't enter

Open borders are also inconsistent with every other nation on earth, even tiny island nations: you want to head to the beach for your vacation? Tell us who you are — show us your paperwork. You want to stay longer than a specified amount of time? Procure a VISA for an extended stay, and for that VISA show us paperwork including an “invitation” from a business or citizen that is the basis for your extended stay…

Etc. Etc.

UK Border control

These border controls are normal, and proper, and needed.

Customs line

And yet, otherwise rational people will stand on their heads to try and convince you that illegals should be granted citizen-status and that the border itself is some kind of offense against Mexicans (in this case).

It is quintessential nonsense.

So many of my Liberal friends and family explain away all manner of law-breaking and dishonesty by Barack Obama and politicians like him by telling me that “everybody ignores the Constitution” and “all presidents lie”, etc. etc.

I try to point out that they insult their own intelligence when they abdicate higher brain functions such as telling the difference between this and that, and I try to remind them their logic, if followed a few more steps forward, leads to a kind of anarchy in which no one is held accountable for anything because “everybody” does “everything”.


Anyway, a judge in Atlanta has just scored a victory for those who believe that cheating is wrong and worthy of jail time in this particular case:

All but one of 10 former Atlanta public school educators convicted in a widespread conspiracy to inflate student scores on standardized tests were sentenced to jail time Tuesday, and the judge called the cheating scandal “the sickest thing that’s ever happened in this town.”

Well now, that is a rather clear statement in favor of standards, and thank god that Fulton County Superior Court Judge Jerry Baxter had the guts to make it.

Judge Jerry Baxter upholds standards of truth and honesty in education in Georgia.

Judge Jerry Baxter upholds standards of truth and honesty in education in Georgia.

What happened in Georgia was this <Yahoo News, link>:

A state investigation found that as far back as 2005, educators from the 50,000-student Atlanta school system fed answers to students or erased and changed answers on tests after they were turned in. Evidence of cheating was found in 44 schools with nearly 180 educators involved, and teachers who tried to report it were threatened with retaliation.

In 2013, 35 educators were indicted on charges including racketeering, making false statements and theft. Many pleaded guilty before the trial, and some testified at the monthslong trial. The jury acquitted one of the 12 former educators who went to trial and convicted the other 11 of racketeering.

And so I really am curious, in today’s America, how those who excuse, for example, Barack Obama’s lawlessness on several fronts, react to this news in Atlanta?

Do they think to themselves “That’s weird — everybody cheats, so why punish those poor people?  Aren’t they the same as the rest of us?”

George Washington on tyrrany

This Photo Made Me Ill

How far we have fallen as a nation, my god.

A renegade president who violates his oath of office (you know, the one that requires him to uphold and defend the Constitution) is unlikely to be stopped by judges, and the legislative branch, which does have the power to stop him, had better start doing more than they have been.

Today’s news from an appellate court is another brick in the wall:

A U.S. appeals court on Tuesday rejected a challenge to President Barack Obama’s 2012 executive action granting deportation relief to immigrants brought to the United States illegally as children, upholding a lower court’s earlier ruling. <Yahoo News, link>

Of particular interest is the approach taken by the court, which was to declare that the plaintiffs had not shown “sufficient harm” by Barack Obama’s actions.

A panel of the New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found that the plaintiffs in the case – the state of Mississippi and a group of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers upset by White House directives – had not shown they had been sufficiently harmed by the rule to keep the case alive.

“We conclude that neither the agents nor the state of Mississippi has demonstrated the concrete and particularized injury required to give them standing to maintain this suit,” the decision stated. 

No concrete and particularized injury?

In the case stemming from the 2012 executive action, Mississippi had sought to show it had standing as a plaintiff by arguing illegal immigrants drained state resources, while the ICE agents said they were being forced to violate their oaths to enforce the law.

I guess the diversion of state resources to illegal immigrants, as well as agents being forced to violate the oaths they swore, is not considered injurious.

Such a pretty view as we travel inside the Liberal mind…

It’s terrible that Republicans are in the minority in Congress and can’t stop mr. Obama’s illegal amnesty —-oh wait, Republicans control both houses of Congress.

So what is the problem, again?

king obama again

If you support Barack Obama and his unconstitutional actions designed to “go-it-alone” and ignore the entire legislative branch of our government, then you probably like the sounds of what is happening in Thailand right now…(emphasis added).

BANGKOK (AP) — Thailand’s military-installed prime minister said Tuesday he plans to lift martial law 10 months after staging a coup, but will invoke a special security measure that critics say is more draconian.

The development has sparked concern from human rights groups, lawyers, political parties and scholars who say the measure, Article 44 of a junta-imposed interim constitution, gives Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha unchecked authority over all three branches of government.

The measure gives Prayuth power over all aspects of government, law and order, and absolves him of any legal responsibility for his actions. Thai media have referred to Article 44 as “the dictator law.” <Associated Press, link>

Sound familiar?

Obama Thailand

And what do “leaders” do when absolute power corrupts them?

Under a similar law in the 1960s, a Thai dictator carried out summary executions.

Ah, right, sure sounds like “Progressive” policy to me.

But don’t worry, Liberals….just keep on your best behavior:

Prayuth sought to downplay the concerns, telling reporters he would use Article 44 “constructively” to solve security issues.

“Don’t worry,” he told reporters after a Cabinet meeting. “If you’re not doing anything wrong, there’s no need to be afraid.”

Lisa Schiffren of the Observer.com recently offered pure poetry on the truth about Hillary Clinton.

Hillary fingers

I really can’t improve upon her demolition, so please enjoy some excerpts <Observer.com, link>:

Many of my liberal women friends were disgusted in 2008, when Ms. Clinton lost the nomination to Barack Obama. They saw their party’s rejection of the more experienced, better-known woman as blatant sexism, proving that Americans didn’t trust women to lead.

I sympathized. But upon reflection, it was Ms. Clinton, not “women,” whom Democratic primary voters rejected. They rejected her because they didn’t want to live with her as president. They chose a charismatic stranger, rather than she whose machinations, lies, and lack of discernible conviction were far too familiar. Inevitably—to our detriment—she lost.

Six years later, looking tired and sounding petulant at a press conference to explain the illegal server, Ms. Clinton remains unelectable. She is still a scheming, entitled woman who has never known how to hide her belief that she knows best and should be in charge. She thinks so little of us that she doesn’t bother to craft plausible lies. More than half the country sees this plainly every time she speaks.

These words are written by a woman who respects women who have made real contributions — the kind of women that she feels are very different from Hillary.

Her closing words:

Today’s world is peopled with women who graduated in those decades, and pursued serious careers. They have deep experience in the professions, business, and politics. We have female Senators and Governors, who built their own political operations, have measurable achievements, and honest bank balances. A few have wartime military experience. None has faced multiple hearings over legal and ethical lapses. One of them will be the first female president.

Ms. Clinton had a good run. She isn’t the future.


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