The NCAA basketball tournament is underway, pitting 64 teams against each other in a single-elimination format that produces much excitement.

mr. Barack Obama likes to publicize his tournament picks, which led a member of a winning team yesterday to drop an F-bomb on live television <Yahoo Sports, link>:

Cameras were rolling in the locker room after N.C. State upset No. 1 seed Villanova on Saturday night and Wolfpack guard Anthony “Cat” Barber evidently wasn’t too pleased that the President picked Villanova to move on to the Sweet 16. 

The Fuck is wrong with Barack Obama?

Anthony “Cat” Barber

Cat Barber

Well now, Mr. Barber, you ask an interesting question.

mr. Barack Obama is a proud man, arrogant even, and yet his conduct as leader of the free world is an open testament to how not to lead, and the public record of his conduct shall be forever etched in the stone of disgrace.

His failings are legion, but among those at the top of the list is his refusal to accept responsibility for the actions of his own team, whether Kathleen Sabelius, Lois Lerner, or now, Hillary Clinton, and so many others we could name.

Watch him dodge and weave about the Hillary Clinton email scandal, in which she willfully used personal computer systems to shield her communications while Secretary of State in Barack Obama’s cabinet:

I mean, think about how things have changed since 2008. Back then, I was the young, tech-savvy candidate of the future. Now I’m yesterday’s news and Hillary has got a server in her house. I didn’t even know you could have one of those in your house. I am so far behind. Did you know that? I would have gotten one.

Right, Barry, you knew nothing of her secret servers in her home, nothing of the way she operated in secret while serving as YOUR Secretary of State.

We believe you, yes we do!

Actually, we don’t — you are a liar of the highest order, and no one believes you anymore, about anything.

Obama liar 4

Here are some highlights from his other lies:

IRS Targeting of Republican Groups

President Obama insisted Thursday that he knew nothing about the internal investigation into the IRS’ practice of singling out conservative groups for special scrutiny before it was made public, as he moved to name a new director for the embattled agency. <Fox News, link>

I can assure you that I certainly did not know anything about the (inspector general) report..

NSA Spying

President Barack Obama was unaware of the National Security Agency’s spying on German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other world leaders until the operation was discovered through an internal administration review, The Wall Street Journal reported. <The Blaze, link>

He knows nothing, folks, nothing at all.

Sure, sure.

This sentence does a pretty good job showcasing the Ponzi-scheme nature of Obamacare:

Instead of the unsubsidized share of exchange members rising from 15% in 2014 to 25% this year, as CBO expected, the share paying full freight for ObamaCare slipped to 14%. <Investors Business Daily, link>

Hmmm…the unsubsidized members of the population account for only 14% and that number is going down, not up…

I find it ironic that Millennials who voted in large numbers for Barack Obama are viewed by Obama as a giant pack of idiots.

The above statistic suggests that Obama’s evil scheme to enslave American youth is not working, and that they are not so dumb after all.

Young Invincibles get suckered by Obama

When an insurance pool has more money going out than being paid in, it becomes a financial death spiral, as premiums are raised in order to pay for the population that cannot afford the insurance, and higher premiums force more people out of the insurance pool, leading to worse losses, leading to even higher premiums………

Is this a picture of a future president?

Tired Hillary

So tired, even exhausted.

A few days ago in a CBS News interview, Bill Plante asked Barack Obama how and when he learned that Hillary Clinton had been using private email accounts in violation of government policy and security:

The same time everybody else learned it, through news reports.

Said Barry <Fox News, link>.

And yet yesterday, the White House made the following disclosure:

President Barack Obama knew that Hillary Rodham Clinton conducted business on a nongovernment email account while secretary of state…the White House said Monday. <Yahoo News, link>

The man is a chronic, epic liar, and on things that matter.

It’s too bad we don’t have a Republican House and a Republican Senate who could join forces and hold him accountable for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Oh wait — Republicans do control Congress, but choose to give him a free pass.

Our nation seems quite doomed, sad to say.

Are you ready to laugh?

Nelson Shanks, the artist who painted the official portrait of President William Jefferson Clinton, just revealed that he intentionally included a “shadow” in the painting to represent the Monica Lewinsky scandal and the shadow it cast over the Clinton presidency. <Yahoo News, link, via Philadelphia Daily News>

If you look at the left-hand side of it, there’s a mantel in the Oval Office, I put a shadow coming into the painting, and it does two things. It actually literally represents a shadow from a blue dress I had on a mannequin, that I had there while I was painting it, but not when he was there. It is also a bit of a metaphor in that it represents a shadow on the office he held, or on him.

A shadow looms...

A shadow looms…

Not only did the artist sneak a shadow in, he also apparently left off Mr. Clinton’s wedding ring…

And there is one more thing about this painting that I find amusing, and that is the way Slick Willie is standing, hand on hip, turned towards the shadow: to me it looks as though he is standing at a urinal, about to take a piss.

Clinton at urinalDid the artist intend this as well? He has not said so, but I find this possibility compelling given that Bill Clinton metaphorically pissed all over the White House during his time there, and all over the Rule of Law and national security.

Shanks had another unkind thing to say about Clinton:

The reality is he’s probably the most famous liar of all time.

Uh, no, Mr. Shanks, Bill Clinton, although a legendary liar of the highest order, has been replaced by Barack Hussein Obama, the most dangerous and destructive liar ever to inhabit the United States, let alone the White House.

Our government is truly sick, and not just in the Democrat party. Long-time Senator Orrin Hatch, a Republican, seems to have been John Roberts-ed in regard to his vote in favor of mr. Obama’s nominee for Attorney General — the top law enforcement official in the country — despite her testimony in support of the president’s illegal and unconstitutional Executive-branch amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants inside the United States, an act so unlawful that even he said he did not have the power to do it several years ago (he still doesn’t).

First, let’s review Ms. Lynch’s answers to direct questions about whether she respects our nation’s laws <WND, link:

The first contentious exchange occurred when Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., asked whether Lynch thought immigrants entering the U.S. illegally had a right to claim U.S. citizenship under equal protection laws, claiming citizenship was their “civil right.”

I believe the right and obligation to work is a right of everyone who comes here regardless of status, and I would prefer people to be in the workforce than not.

Sessions pressed: “Does an illegal immigrant have a right to demand a job? Do you think a person here illegally has a right to work in the United States when the law says it’s illegal to hire someone who is here illegally?”

We want everyone in the United States to be able to seek employment.

Sessions asked further: “If a person comes here illegally and has a right to get a Social Security card and a work authorization, is an employer still free to give preference to hiring someone who is here legally? Would you take action against an employer who did not hire someone given a work permit under the president’s executive actions?”

I would look forward to speaking with you and working with you as we try to address this point in the future.

These answers are worse than inadequate.

They are the equivalent of saying that our nation’s laws do not matter, that the Rule of Law does not matter.

And a person who has is interviewing for the job of United States Attorney General who makes such a statement absolutely cannot and should not be confirmed as Attorney General.


And yet:

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted Thursday to confirm U.S. Attorney Loretta E. Lynch as the next attorney general, paving the way for her likely confirmation by the full Senate, which is expected to vote on her nomination in the next week or two.

Sens. Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah), Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) and Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) voted with the committee’s nine Democrats to approve Lynch’s nomination. <Washington Post, link>

What world are we living in, where Republican Senators could actually vote in favor of a candidate who is against the Rule of Law.

Orrin Hatch looks scared -- is he hearing footsteps?

Orrin Hatch looks scared — is he hearing footsteps?

Orrin Hatch, alleged Republican, had this to say in support of her nomination:

The case against her nomination, as far as I can tell, essentially ignores her professional career and focuses solely on about six hours that she spent before this committee on Jan. 28.

Uh, no, Orrin, no one is ignoring her professional career, and you know it. The simple fact is that she supports an executive branch that is behaving in direct violation of the Constitution, and you know this too.

Why are you doing this?

Do you hear Obama’s footsteps, as John Roberts likely did when he affirmed the disaster known as Obamacare?

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) gives us all a very clear message on why the Lynch nomination must be opposed, and you need to listen, Mr. Orrin Hatch:

The Senate cannot confirm someone to this post who is going to support and advance a scheme that violates our Constitution and eviscerates congressional authority.  Congress makes the laws, not the president—as every schoolchild knows.

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