When Barack Obama was elected in 2008, he vowed to fundamentally “transform” the United States, and he has delivered in many terrible, terrible ways, including putting us so deep into debt as a nation that our base of power (economic strength) may be imperiled beyond any future administration’s ability to repair it.

His latest hammer blow to American heritage is to unilaterally rename Mt. McKinley in Alaska.

The White House announced Sunday that President Obama is changing the name of North America’s highest peak. Mount McKinley — named after William McKinley, the 25th president, who served in the White House until his assassination in 1901 — is returning to its traditional Alaska Native name, Denali. <NPR, link>

mt mckinleyWhen I read some of the angry responses from lawmakers in Washington (Congress being ignore yet again by this most unconstitutional of presidents), I noticed that they were all from Ohio, because President McKinley was an Ohioan.

Ohio lawmakers reacted angrily Sunday to the White House’s announcement that President Obama would formally rename Alaska’s Mt. McKinley — North America’s highest peak — “Denali” during his trip to The Last Frontier this week.

Here is what Rep. Bob Gibbs, R-Ohio, had to say <Fox News, link>:

Mount McKinley … has held the name of our nation’s 25th President for over 100 years. This landmark is a testament to his countless years of service to our country. This political stunt is insulting to all Ohioans, and I will be working with the House Committee on Natural Resources to determine what can be done to prevent this action.

President McKinleySo let’s observe that Barack Obama, who owes his very presidency to Ohio voters, is of course more than happy to score a nasty two-fer on the mountain renaming: (1) Remove the name of a former president from a natural wonder, and (2) thumb his nose at the state that, along with California, enabled him to occupy the White House and do his dirty deeds.

This is a man whose every action repudiates our English heritage — the return of the Winston Churchill bust, the mistreatment of the UK Prime Minister at the White House, and countless other actions — and renaming mountains is just one more brick in the wall of his two-term tantrum of destruction of all we hold dear.


I have enjoyed immensely the way Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner, has pursued the obviously-lying Tom Brady on Deflategate. For reasons that are not quite clear to me, Goodell has decided to play rough on the issue, letting it be known to reporters that Brady destroyed his phone (and thus potential evidence of his guilt in the ball-defaltion scandal).

This strategic leak of information was very effective, as the average football fan imagined Brady as a lying evidence-destroyer.

And so I have a question for dear Tom Brady: Tom, why don’t you remind everyone that Roger Goodell is a very committed destroyer of evidence as well?

You know what I mean, Tom — the Spygate video tapes showing how Bill Bellichick and your team cheated in three Superbowls — Roger Goodell DESTROYED THOSE CHEATING TAPES.

Ahhhh, but  you can’t go there, Tommy boy, you can’t go there, because those cheating tapes would invalidate your three Superbowl rings and reduce you to a rather average quarterback (the truth, in other words — you were never that good).

Maybe Roger Goodell feels betrayed by the Patriots on Deflategate, and that’s why he’s gone scorched earth against Brady and the team.

I can imagine him thinking to himself…“I destroyed the cheating tapes years ago to protect the Patriots and the league, and this is the thanks I get?  I’ll show them!”

We hear you, Roger, we hear you.

You pushed the Brady-destroys-cellphone angle knowing that Brady would never return fire on your own destruction of evidence.

Well played, indeed.

Desolation of Tom Brady Baggins

I have a news flash for everyone: Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State under president Barack Obama.


Obama’s Benghazi-stained blue dress

And yet her potentially criminal conduct relating to her email usage while Secretary and the subsequent destruction of evidence from servers (among other potential crimes) seems to stick only to her, and not to her boss, Barack Obama.

How can this be?

We all use email and know how it works, with messages being sent and received across many accounts. So where is the investigation into the rest of the email accounts in the Obama administration?

…there can be little doubt that Eric Holder and other high-ranking FBI and DOJ officials themselves wrote Ms. Clinton at Clintonemail.com—not to mention countless communications with the President and “All His Muses”—Counter-terrrorism advisor Lisa Monaco, National Security Advisor Susan Rice, and then White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler (not to mention Valerie Jarrett)—about Benghazi and all other top secret and classified issues. The DOJ hasn’t subpoenaed the emails from any of the recipients—or the internet service providers? Or looked for them on the backup government servers of the accounts of all the recipients? And the State Department still today is making statements defending her? <The Observer, link>

Some may say that he had nothing to do with her email server and subsequent file destruction, but this would be a shameful free pass for mr. Obama. The whole thing has been and continues to be part of HIS administration, whether he had full knowledge of it or or only partial knowledge of it.  Furthermore, many emails pertain to the Benghazi slaughter of four American diplomats who were not protected by the State Department, the Department of Defense, or the president, and whose names were dishonored when mr. Obama, Ms. Clinton, and Susan Rice all spun the now-notorious lie about the Benghazi attack (in which they tried to claim it was not terrorism inspired by hatred of America).

In any event, Sidney Powell of the Observer just wrote a powerful piece on the Clinton situation entitled: The Countless Crimes of Hillary Clinton: Special Prosecutor Needed Now

It is a tour de force, let me tell you, and you will enjoy it.

And by the way, you may recall that I recently wrote a piece (link) about our nation’s needs for a resurrection of the Office of the Independent Counsel to investigate potential crimes in the Benghazi infamy, the Fast and Furious gun-running operation, and the IRS scandal, which is also gathering a lot of steam. Suffice it to say that I agree with Mr. Powell’s call for a special prosecutor in the Clinton matter.

Here are some excerpts from his piece, strap on your seat belts (emphasis added):

After years of holding herself above the law, telling lie after lie, and months of flat-out obstruction, HIllary Clinton has finally produced to the FBI her server and three thumb drives. Apparently, the server has been professionally wiped clean of any useable information, and the thumb drives contain only what she selectively culled. Myriad criminal offenses apply to this conduct.


It’s high time for a special prosecutor to be named to conduct a full investigation into Ms. Clinton’s likely commission of multiple felonies, including a conspiracy with Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and possibly others, to violate multiple laws. 


And how about the double-standard employed by the Obama administration regarding who gets prosecuted and who doesn’t?

While the FBI and Department of Justice have willfully ignored Hillary Clinton’s outrageous conduct, they didn’t hesitate a minute to investigate and prosecute former CIA Director and national hero, General Petraeus. He was just tarred, feathered and ridden out of the CIA on a rail for sharing some information (his own notebook) with his biographer who was both in the military and had a top secret clearance. Yet, Petraeus did not have a secret server set up to house his classified and top secret information or digital satellite imagery; he destroyed nothing; and, there was no “leak.” 

Right, prosecute a military General who fought valiantly in wars while allowing Hillary Clinton to share top secret / classified e-mails from a personal email server that she then had wiped clean.

Hillary of course continues to act out here political playbook of fake victimization and “Who me?” countenance, but we all know enough about the woman’s style to see the wisdom in Powell’s next line:

Ms. Clinton…established her entire system to avoid the law and in violation of the Espionage Act—as she and her co-conspirators removed all records from the State Department from its inception. Compounding her crimes, she knowingly and willfully destroyed whatever she wanted to destroy—despite or more likely because of—the incriminating information it contained and in the face of the Benghazi investigation.

Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi — how much truth has yet to be revealed, and when it is revealed, what will become of the Obama legacy?

And now the powerful finish by Powell (emphasis added):

The countless false statements are crimes under 18 United States Code Section 1001—both by Ms. Clinton to Congress (“no classified information”) and in writing by Cheryl Mills to the State Department and just filed with Judge Sullivan—in which she states: “On matters pertaining to the conduct of government business, it was her practice to use the officials’ government email accounts.” We already know that Ms. Clinton used her personal server exclusively. 

Title 18 United States Code Section 1001 makes it a crime for anyone to “knowingly and willfully” falsify, conceal, or cover up “a material fact,” or make “any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or misrepresentation,” etc. Countless people are convicted felons under this statute—some for offenses that would never occur to anyone even to be a crime.

And these are just a few of the possible statutes that it would appear to any federal prosecutor that she and her corrupt cabal violated.

As Lt. Col. Ralph Peters had the guts to say last night on FoxNews, “Hillary Clinton is a criminal.” Military heroes who have risked their lives for this country have gone to prison for less

…it’s time for a national outcry for the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate and indict Ms. Clinton’s flagrant violations of some of our most important laws. Anyone else would have been arrested by now. 

Oh, and Hillary, one more thing:

U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens

Information management officer Sean Smith

Former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods

Former Navy SEAL Glen Doherty

Hillary fingers

With the rise of the Nanny State, beginning in earnest as a consequence of WWI and then really gaining steam with Roosevelt’s New Deal and then WWII and continuing to the present day under Marxism-influenced (“You didn’t build that”) Barack Obama, the quintessential character of Americans — the Code of Personal Responsibility — has come under slow but certain destruction.

There are countless examples of this, but today’s short essay is on the American addiction to food and sugary drinks and the idea in this country that one can shove 5,000 calories per day into one’s mouth and then expect government health care to pay for a full knee replacement, or two.


Particularly galling is the recent news that Coca-Cola is attempting to use science to promote the idea that consumption of processed sugar is nothing to worry about.

Coca Cola, the world’s largest producer of sugary beverages, is backing a new “science-based” solution to the obesity crisis: To maintain a healthy weight, get more exercise and worry less about cutting calories.

The beverage giant has teamed up with influential scientists who are advancing this message in medical journals, at conferences and through social media. To help the scientists get the word out, Coke has provided financial and logistical support to a new nonprofit organization called the Global Energy Balance Network, which promotes the argument that weight-conscious Americans are overly fixated on how much they eat and drink while not paying enough attention to exercise. <New York Times, link>

And so the degradation of personal responsibility marches on, from all angles.

A nation cannot remain free without an educated, responsible citizenry, and the state of the Union today is just about where the Founding Fathers feared we might one day be.

Who will lead us out of this blind alley?

Fiorina, I like

Last year I heard Carly Fiorina speaking about Hillary Clinton and the lies Clinton has told, and the fake “war on women” leftists hide behind, and I was impressed and even hopeful she might be a strong contender for the presidency.

I know this is a bit far-fetched given the absence of political office in her background, but let’s all remember what the Manchurian candidate Barack Hussein Obama was able to pull off, and no president will ever be more inimical to our nation than that man.

Let’s also remember that real-life experience (i.e., NOT political campaign or office experience) is what we desperately need in a Chief Executive.

I did not watch the “2nd tier” Republican debate, but have read news stories about it and Fiorina’s rhetoric is the most presidential of any of the candidates.

How starved are we for a president that believes in American exceptionalism? VERY, and this quote is heartening. <CNN, link>

I started as a secretary and became ultimately the chief executive of the largest technology company in the world, almost $90 billion in over 150 countries. I know personally how extraordinary and unique this nation is.

Fiorina also speaks in very clear, yet forceful language: she is easy to understand because she keeps her “cliche” content to a minimum, while other candidates speak 95% cliche and 5% substance.

On Day One in the Oval Office, I would make two phone calls. The first one would be to my good friend, Bibi Netanyahu, to reassure him we will stand with the State of Israel. The second will be to the supreme leader of Iran. He might not take my phone call, but he would get the message, and the message is this: Until you open every nuclear and every military facility to full, open, anytime, anywhere, for real inspections, we are going to make it as difficult as possible for you to move money around the global financial system.

I like the reference to being in the Oval, and I like the message about where she stands on who our friends are, and who our enemies are, and that they are the precise REVERSE of the current occupier of the Oval.

And of course, the way she goes after Hillary Clinton is thrilling <Washington Post, link>:

Hillary Clinton lies about Benghazi. She lies about e-mails. She is still defending Planned Parenthood, and she is still her party’s front-runner. 

I like it all and will be interested to see how it unfolds.

I think this story sums up the sorry state of our Republic in the Barack Hussein Obama era: insanity, self destruction, the bad held in high esteem and the good cast down into the garbage (and occasionally killed).

Sheriff’s deputies in Lake County, Ohio were reportedly told by federal immigration authorities on July 7 to release an illegal alien who on Monday murdered a 60-year-old woman, attempted to rape a teenage girl, and tried to kill another woman.

Juan Emmanual Razo, 35, is being held on $10 million bond in the murder of Margaret Kastelnick, according to the Northeast Ohio Media Group.

Razo allegedly embarked on a violent crime spree that began Monday morning when he attempted to rape a 14-year-old girl and shot another woman. Razo, who has been in the U.S. for five years, later killed Kastelnick in her home. He was apprehended following a shootout with police.

But Razo was on law enforcement’s radar three weeks ago. In a press conference held on Tuesday, Lake County Sheriff Daniel Dunlap said that deputies had approached Razo on July 7 while he was parked in a vehicle in a parking lot. The deputies contacted U.S. Border Patrol and were told that Razo was in the U.S. illegally from Mexico. Nonetheless, the sheriff’s deputies said they were told to release Razo since he had no known criminal history, WKYC reported.  <Daily Caller, link>

Despite the wishes of Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Jeb Bush, illegal immigration is a crime in and of itself.

It is incumbent upon our government to expel illegal immigrants on the sole basis of their being here illegally — no other criminal history is required.

And yet a innocent American is dead, and a 14-year old girl is perhaps scarred for life, by a man who was actually in custody a mere three weeks ago.

Our national suicide is in full swing.

Obama and illegal aliens

How about this quote from Camille Paglia, self-described “dissident feminist”, from a long-form interview in Salon.com <link>, on Jon Stewart:

I think Stewart’s show demonstrated the decline and vacuity of contemporary comedy. I cannot stand that smug, snarky, superior tone. I hated the fact that young people were getting their news through that filter of sophomoric snark. … I’m sorry, but Jon Stewart is not a major figure. He’s certainly a highly successful T.V. personality, but I think he has debased political discourse.  I find nothing incisive in his work.  As for his influence, if he helped produce the hackneyed polarization of moral liberals versus evil conservatives, then he’s partly at fault for the political stalemate in the United States.

Here she is on Liberalism’s intolerance of Christianity and simultaneous bending-over-backward for Islamism:

The real problem is a lack of knowledge of religion as well as a lack of respect for religion. I find it completely hypocritical for people in academe or the media to demand understanding of Muslim beliefs and yet be so derisive and dismissive of the devout Christian beliefs of Southern conservatives.

Here she is on Fox News and the alleged open-mindedness of Liberalism:

I don’t demonize Fox News. At what point will liberals wake up to realize the stranglehold that they had on the media for so long? They controlled the major newspapers and weekly newsmagazines and T.V. networks. It’s no coincidence that all of the great liberal forums have been slowly fading. They once had such incredible power.  Since the rise of the Web, the nightly network newscasts have become peripheral, and the New York Times and the Washington Post have been slowly fading and are struggling to survive.

Historically, talk radio arose via Rush Limbaugh in the early 1990s precisely because of this stranglehold by liberal discourse…. The resistance of liberals in the media to new ideas was enormous. Liberals think of themselves as very open-minded, but that’s simply not true!  Liberalism has sadly become a knee-jerk ideology, with people barricaded in their comfortable little cells.

-UNDATED PHOTO- Undated photograph of Prof. Camille Paglia of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia - RTXNNL9

-UNDATED PHOTO- Undated photograph of Prof. Camille Paglia of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia – RTXNNL9


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