Hey, did you hear that Barack Obama’s poll numbers are up?

“Obama Approval Rating Hits Two Year High” <Yahoo Politics, link>

Wow, good for you mr. Obama, but I couldn’t help but notice some other headlines in the news today and recently. Here is a small sampling:

Jihadist Attacks on Egypt Grow Fiercer <New York Times, link>

…a rising jihadist insurgency that has shaken the stability of this most populous Arab state, a key ally of the United States.

Russia is reviewing the ‘legality’ of Baltic states’ independence <Business Insider, link>

Over the last year, the Baltic states have been on high alert following the annexation of Crimea and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. They perceive Russia’s increased militarization as a threat to their security interests (and possibly independence.)

Day of Terror: Three Attacks Shock the World <ABC News, link>

A gunman opened fire on beachgoers at a hotel in Tunisia oday, killing at least 39 people and injuring at least 39, officials said. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement circulated on social media today. The attack in Tunisia is one of three alleged terrorist attacks today: in Kuwait, at least 16 were killed in an attack on a Shiite mosque, and in France, a man was believed to have been decapitated at an American-owned energy factory.

Three terrorist attacks within 90 minutes

IRS erased Lois Lerner’s emails even after subpoena, audit says <Washington Times, link>

The IRS erased backup takes with Lois G. Lerner’s emails even after the messages were subject to a congressional subpoena, but it was an “unbelievable” chain of coincidences rather than a malicious intent to subvert Congress, the tax agency’s inspector general said Thursday.

Raise rates or face ‘devastating’ bubbles, says Fed official <FT.com, link>

Recalling the tech bubble in the 1990s and the housing bubble of the 2000s, he said: “Zero [interest rates] is too low in that kind of environment. I wouldn’t be comfortable with that. A zero rate would feed into an asset price bubble”.
“When asset bubbles start, they keep going until they blow up out of control with devastating consequences.”

As ISIS gains ground, Obama admits US still has no strategy to defeat it <Christian Today, link>

US President Barack Obama revealed at the G7 summit of world leaders on Monday that the country still has no “complete strategy” to fight against the Islamic State which has scored a string of victories in Syria and Iraq…The US leader’s comments were similar to his statement last August when the US-led airstrikes on ISIS targets began. “We don’t have a strategy yet,” Obama also said then.

State-Run Obamacare Exchanges Careening Toward Disaster <Forbes.com, link>

Two of the original 17 state exchanges have failed. Half of those that remain are struggling financially… Things are so bad that Covered California’s executive director, Peter Lee, recently admitted that the “long-term sustainability of the organization” remains an open question.

The final installment in today’s post is this: our federal debt, according to the real-time U.S. National Debt Clock <link>, is $18.289 trillion.

Let’s all enjoy this screen shot of Barack Hussein Obama’s handiwork:

Federal Debt at this moment

Enjoy your poll ratings, mr. Obama, you’ve earned them.


Oh that Garrison Keillor of Prairie Home Companion fame.

He opened last evening’s show with a comment that so distorts history I can barely believe an otherwise intelligent man would utter it.

After running through a list of mr. Obama’s recent “victories” (Supreme Court rulings and such), he added a final laugh-line saying that “…and Republicans have decided after 150 years that they are finally against the Confederacy…”, or words to that effect.

Yeah, I know — it appears Mr. Keillor forgot that the Republican Party as led by Abraham Lincoln (a Republican) fought against the Confederacy (and mostly Democrats) in a Civil War to end slavery and save the Union.

Republicans then went on to pass several Amendments to the Constitution that clarified the status of blacks who were previously slaves.

Before an amendment can go to the states it must be passed by both houses of Congress, and on June 13, 1866, the House of Representatives voted in favor of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The amendment addresses citizenship rights and equal protection of the laws, and was proposed in response to issues related to former slaves following the American Civil War. <Wikipedia, link>

Okay, and so are you ready, Garrison Keillor, for the vote tally on H.R. 127, a bill in favor of making former slaves full citizens of the United States?

I don’t think you are, but here is your medicine anyway <govtrack.us, link>:

Not a single Democrat voted in favor of making former slaves full citizens of the United States.

Not a single Democrat voted in favor of making former slaves full citizens of the United States.

That’s right, Garrison Keillor, 130 Republicans voted in favor of the 14th Amendment while NO DEMOCRATS — NONE — ZERO — voted in favor of it.

Before leaving this remedial education moment for Garrison, let’s also look at the 1964 Civil Rights Act. What’s that Garrison, you’re tired of this subject? Oh but wait, there is more pain for you, the pain of reality and of learning.

When Congress voted on the Civil Rights Act, fully 79% of Republicans voted in favor of it, while only 62% of Democrats voted in favor. That’s right, 95 Democrats voted AGAINST the Act (38%), versus only 37 on the Republican side (21%) <govtrack.us, link).

So Garrison: which is the party on the side of rights for African Americans?

How dare you distort history on your show, for shame.

And now the bonus round….


Clinton passed the DOMA and also repealed Glass Steagall

BONUS Bonus Round:


Clinton passed the DOMA and also repealed Glass Steagall

Oh how the truth hurts when you are Garrison Keillor.

Barack Obama is celebratory once again in the wake of another Supreme Court vote in favor of his monstrosity known as Obamacare. In the wake of this victory for him and his socialist wrecking ball of a law, he uttered a now-familiar phrase: the Affordable Care Act is “here to stay“.

I find the phrase to be Orwellian not because it is more a wish of his than an actual fact, but because Barack Obama has unilaterally (and unconstitutionally) thwarted the full implementation of the law almost since its first passage; that is, Obamacare has yet to fully be here, in all its ugliness, and so it cannot be said to be here to stay.

Employer Mandate Delays

Principal among these delaying actions was Obama’s suspension of the so-called Employer Mandate, which he has done multiple times. Why has he done this again and again? Because the Employer Mandate forces American businesses with greater than 50 employees to offer government-approved health insurance or else pay substantial fines.

There are so many problems with this (and unintended consequences, including that companies with 49 or 50 employees plan to stop hiring) that I won’t mention them all here. Suffice it to say, federal bureaucrats expect the fines to generate $10 billion for Leviathan, all at the expense of private companies who employ the nation.

Will Americans agree that “Obamacare is working” once this mandate hits businesses and their employees?

Cadillac Tax: 2017 implementation

The real destruction to our nation’s health insurance system will come when the so-called Cadillac Tax kicks in in 2017. This provision in my opinion is one of the most sadistic and cruel legislative acts in our nation’s history, particularly considering the spiteful motivation behind it and its lack of any redeeming qualities.

The Cadillac Tax, designed by Jonathan Gruber and John Kerry on behalf of Barack Obama, will levy a 40% tax on the most lucrative, wonderful health insurance plans offered to workers by private employers. That’s right, Obamacare stands for the destruction of above-average health plans that have been available to tens of millions of Americans for years and years, and it is easy to see why mr. Obama elected to launch it in 2017, a year after he will have left office.

Will Americans agree that “Obamacare is working” once this cruel tax hits businesses and their employees?

Independent Payment Advisory Board: Obama has yet to nominate anyone…

The IPAB is to be a 15-member star chamber of central government bureaucrats who will have sole authority to beat down the Medicare system, taking decisions out of the hands of doctors and patients, and even elected representatives in Congress, all in the name of “controlling health care costs”.

The IPAB is so draconian and smacks so much of fascism that even Democrats want it removed from the Affordable Care Act (see Even Barney Frank Knows It’s Wrong and Hates it).

The ACA called for this group of high priests to start wielding power over our senior citizens beginning in 2011, and yet it has never been convened, and its members never named by Barack Obama.

…even after the Senate changed its rules to require only 51 votes to confirm presidential appointees, the President never nominated any IPAB members. <Commonwealthfund.org, link)


Because it is the same as all the other deadly provisions of Obamacare: so bad that if Americans actually experienced it, they would vote to have even more Republicans in Congress and perhaps one in the White House in order to take back control over their bodies and their lives. Barack Obama knows this, and so pursues a slow suffocation of all of us, claiming that “Obamacare is here to stay” and that “…it is working…”.

It is not working, and when it finally achieves full implementation, the extraordinary pain and suffering inherent in the law will descend upon nearly all 270 million Americans who were happy with their health care in the years prior to 2010.

But by then, Obama’s thinking goes, it will be too late to reverse it, and the forces of central power will be fully ensconced in their ivory tower, lording over our health and well-being like so many kings in the year 1150 AD, before the Magna Carta and long before representative government.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that the federal government exempted itself from Obamacare?

Of course it did — this is how tyranny works.

Obama the archer

Here is a long list of Obama’s intentional, unilateral, slowing-down of the law’s provisions, excerpted from a helpful article at Galen Institute (link). If you have the patience to read through this long list, you will experience the full reality of how Barack Obama has deliberately prevented the truth of Obamacare’s consequences from being known.

Changes By Administrative Action

1.) Employee reporting: The IRS announced that, contrary to statutory language, it was delaying the ACA requirement that employers must report to their employees on their W-2 forms the full cost of their employer-provided health insurance. (March 29, 2011)

2.) Medicare Advantage patch: The administration ordered an advance draw on funds from a Medicare bonus program to provide payments to Medicare Advantage plans to temporarily forestall payment cuts called for in the ACA that could have led to cuts in benefits and an early exodus of MA plans from Medicare. (April 19, 2011)

3.)Tax credit subsidies for some people under 100% FPL and for unlawful immigrants: The ACA provides refundable tax credits to U.S. citizens with incomes between 100 and 400% of poverty, but IRS regulations give credits to citizens below 100% FPL in some cases. Also, Section 36B of the ACA grants credits to some non-citizens with low-incomes only if they are themselves lawfully present in the U.S. and cannot obtain Medicaid coverage. IRS regulations contradict the statute and allow subsidies if “the taxpayer or a member of the taxpayer’s family is lawfully present in the United States,” and “the lawfully present taxpayer or family member is not eligible for the Medicaid program.”  (August 17, 2011)

4.) Subsidies may flow through federal exchanges: The IRS issued a rule that allows premium assistance tax credits to be available in federal exchanges although the law specified that they only would be available through an “Exchange established by the State.” (May 23, 2012)

5.) Extension of credits to people receiving employer-sponsored coverage. Section 1511 of the ACA instructs the Labor Department to issue regulations requiring businesses with more than 200 employees to automatically enroll their employees in any health benefits plan offered by the employer. Section 36B correspondingly denies credits to employees covered by an employer plan. IRS regulations contradict the statutory language and allow credits to taxpayers when they are automatically enrolled in employer minimum essential coverage. Treasury implicitly acknowledges there is no statutory authority for its regulatory change. (May 23, 2012)

6.) Delaying a low-income plan: The administration delayed implementation of the Basic Health Program until 2015. It would have provided more-affordable health coverage for certain low-income individuals not eligible for Medicaid. (February 7, 2013)

7.) Closing the high-risk pool: The administration decided to prematurely halt enrollment in transitional federal high-risk pools created by the law, blocking coverage for an estimated 40,000 new applicants, citing a lack of funds. The administration had money from a fund under HHS Secretary Sebelius’s control to extend the pools, but instead used the money to pay for advertising for Obamacare enrollment and other purposes. (February 15, 2013)

8.) Doubling allowed deductibles: Because some group health plans use more than one benefits administrator, plans were allowed to apply separate patient cost-sharing limits to different services, such as doctor/hospital and prescription drugs, allowing maximum out-of-pocket costs to be twice as high as the law intended. (February 20, 2013)

9.) Small businesses on hold: The administration said federal exchanges for small businesses will not be ready by the 2014 statutory deadline, and instead delayed until 2015 the provision of SHOP (Small-Employer Health Option Program) that requires exchanges to offer a choice of qualified health plans. (March 11, 2013)

10.) Employer-mandate delay: By an administrative action that is contrary to language of the ACA, enforcement and reporting requirements for the employer mandate were delayed by one year until 2015. (July 2, 2013)

11.) Self-attestation: Because of the difficulty of verifying income after the employer-reporting requirement was delayed, the administration it would allow “self-attestation” of income and eligibility by applicants for health insurance in the exchanges. (July 15, 2013)

12.) Congressional opt-out: The administration decided to offer employer contributions to Members of Congress and their staffs when they purchase insurance on the exchanges created by the ACA, a subsidy the law doesn’t provide. (September 30, 2013)

13.) Delaying the individual mandate: The administration changed the deadline for the individual mandate by declaring that customers who purchased health insurance by March 31, 2014, would avoid the tax penalty. The law says they would have had to purchase a plan by mid-February to avoid penalties. (October 23, 2013)

14.) Insurance companies may offer canceled plans: The administration announced that insurance companies may reoffer plans that previous regulations had forced them to cancel. (November 14, 2013)

15.) Delaying the online SHOP exchange: The administration first delayed for a month and later for a year until November 2014 the launch of the online insurance marketplace for small businesses that originally was scheduled to launch on October 1, 2013. (September 26, 2013) (November 27, 2013)

16.) Exempting unions from reinsurance fee: The administration gave unions an exemption from the reinsurance fee. To make up for this exemption, non-exempt plans will have to pay a higher fee, which will likely be passed onto consumers in the form of higher premiums and deductibles. (December 2, 2013)

17.) Extending Preexisting Condition Insurance Plan: The administration extended the federal high risk pool until January 31, 2014 and again until March 15, 2014 to prevent a coverage gap for the most vulnerable. The plans were scheduled to expire on December 31, but were extended because it has been impossible for some to sign up for new coverage on healthcare.gov. (December 12, 2013) (January 14, 2014)

18.) Expanding hardship waiver to those with canceled plans: The administration expanded the hardship waiver – which exempts people from the individual mandate and allows some to purchase catastrophic health insurance – to people who have had their plans canceled because of ObamaCare regulations. The administration later extendedthis waiver until October 1, 2016. (December 19, 2013) (March 5, 2014)

19.) Bay State bailout: More than 300,000 people in Massachusetts gained temporary Medicaid coverage in 2014 without verification of eligibility, with the Obama and Patrick administrations using a taxpayer-funded bailout to mask the failure of the commonwealth’s disastrously malfunctioning website. (January 2014)

20.) Equal employer coverage delayed: Tax officials will not be enforcing in 2014 the mandate requiring employers to offer equal coverage to all their employees. This provision of the law was supposed to go into effect in 2010, but IRS officials have “yet to issue regulations for employers to follow.” (January 18, 2013)

21.) Employer-mandate delayed again: The administration delayed for an additional year provisions of the employer mandate, postponing enforcement of the requirement for medium-size employers until 2016 and relaxing some requirements for larger employers. Businesses with 100 or more employees must offer coverage to 70% of their full-time employees in 2015 and 95% in 2016 and beyond. (February 10, 2014)

22.) Extending subsidies to non-exchange plans: The administration released a bulletin through CMS extending subsidies to individuals who purchased health insurance plans outside of the federal or state exchanges. The bulletin also requires retroactive coverage and subsidies for individuals from the date they applied on the marketplace rather than the date they actually enrolled in a plan. (February 27, 2014)

23.) Non-compliant health plans get two year extension: The administration pushedforward by two years the deadline requiring health insurers to cancel plans that are not compliant with ACA mandates. These “illegal” plans can be offered until 2017. This extension prevented a wave of cancellation notices from going out before the 2014 midterm elections. (March 5, 2014)

24.) Reducing cost sharing reductions. The ACA calls for out-of-pocket maximums to be lowered for enrollees with incomes between 100-400% FPL (Sec. 1402), but the provision proved unworkable for those 250-400% of FPL in combination with prescribed actuarial value requirements. The law was changed through regulation to apply to only those 100-250% of poverty. (March 11, 2014)

25.) Delaying the sign–up deadline: The administration delayed until mid-April the March 31 deadline to sign up for insurance without penalty. Applicants simply need to check a box on their application to qualify for this extended sign-up period. (March 26, 2014)

26.) Canceling Medicare Advantage cuts: The administration canceled further scheduled cuts to Medicare Advantage. The ACA calls for $200 billion in cuts to Medicare Advantage over 10 years. (April 7, 2014)

27.) More Funds for Insurer Bailout: The administration said it will supplement risk corridor payments to health insurance plans with “other sources of funding” if the higher risk profile of enrollees means the plans would lose money. (May 16, 2014)

28.) Exempting U.S. territories: Despite earlier administration claims that “HHS is not authorized to choose which provisions [of the ACA] might apply to the territories,” HHS waived six major requirements – such as guaranteed issue, community rating, and essential benefit mandates – that were causing serious disruption to health insurance markets covering 4.5 million residents of U.S. territories. (July 18, 2014)

29.) Failure to enforce abortion restrictions. A GAO report found that many exchange insurance plans don’t separate charges for abortion services as required by the ACA, showing the administration is not enforcing the law. In 2014, abortions were being financed with taxpayer funds in more than 1,000 exchange plans. (Sept. 16, 2014)

30.) Risk Corridor coverage: The Obama administration plans to illegally distribute risk corridor payments to insurers, despite studies by both the Congressional Research Service and the GAO saying a congressional appropriation is required before federal agencies can make the payments. (Sept. 30, 2014)

31.) Transparency of coverage: CMS delays statutory requirements on insurance companies to disclose data on the number of people enrolled, disenrollment, number of claims denied, costs to consumers of certain services, etc. (Oct. 20, 2014)

32.) Tax penalty pass: Taxpayers who filed returns based upon inaccurate subsidy data they received from the federal government will not have to repay the government if they received too large of a subsidy, the IRS ruled. (February 24, 2015)

Supreme Court Justice John Roberts once again voted to uphold Obamacare in a pivotal case before the court.

Who are you, John Roberts?

John Roberts

Let’s laugh together this morning at two shining examples of “When Liberals Tell The Truth but run afoul of their corrupt bosses and then tell a Big Fat Lie to Erase Their Original Truth”.

Let’s start off with Jonathan Gruber, architect of Obamacare.

First he told the truth, in this case about how Obamacare subsidies are in fact limited to citizens of states that have set up a health care exchange (excluding citizens of states that have failed to set up an exchange). Barack Obama and Democrats are lately pretending that this is not how they wrote the law, but of course it is, and Gruber was honest about it in a video of him speaking at a conference — he’s on tape, folks — and available to us all <Fox News, link>.

if you’re a state and you don’t set up an Exchange, that means your citizens don’t get their tax credits. But your citizens still pay the taxes that support this bill. So you’re essentially saying to your citizens, you’re going to pay all the taxes to help all the other states in the country. I hope that’s a blatant enough political reality that states will get their act together and realize there are billions of dollars at state here in setting up these Exchanges.

Well we know how Barack Obama feels about the truth, and so does Gruber, so what happened when Gruber’s comments came to light?

Gruber next had this to say, as told to Jonathan Cohn of the New Republic <link>:

I honestly don’t remember why I said that…It was just a mistake.  


He doesn’t “remember why” he said it!

But of course he does — he said it because it was the truth about a law he designed with Barack Obama. But when the truth becomes inconvenient, he develops amnesia and disavows it.

Next we have my all time favorite Liberal Lie designed to Retract a Previously Truthful Statement. Indeed, this lie shall never be beaten for the sheer nonsense and shame of it.

Joshua Steiner testified that he lied to his own diary...

Joshua Steiner testified that he lied to his own diary…

Joshua Steiner, of the Clinton Administration (Chief of Staff to Secretary of the Treasury Lloyd Bentsen), famously kept a diary of events during his White House tenure, and this diary was introduced into evidence in the Whitewater criminal investigation of the Clintons. Mr. Steiner’s diary was very damaging to key Clinton allies, whom Steiner had observed in person and up close:

He wrote how the White House put “intense pressure” on Deputy Treasury Secretary Roger Altman to remain in a position that could protect the White House. Then he wrote how Altman “gracefully ducked” Senate questioning on the matter, even though Altman was under oath. <Baltimore Sun, link>

Oh, Joshua, I imagine Bill and Hillary Clinton were very upset with you.

What to do, what to do…

So Mr. Steiner actually testified UNDER OATH that he effectively lied to his own diary…<Associated Press, link>

I wish that my diary was more accurate…

Other testimony that day included this whopper:

He said that at times he wrote entries in his diary about meetings he did not attend and that he did not check their accuracy.

In reviewing this terrible but funny tale, I again wonder (as I did back then) how no one goes to jail for committing perjury.

And did you know that Mr. Steiner is a Yale graduate and Rhodes scholar?

I keep reading the following speculation involving Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s potential vote in the current Obamacare case before the court:

Simply put, Kennedy expressed deep concern with the federalism consequences of a reading that would coerce the states into setting up their own exchanges to avoid destroying a workable system of insurance in the state. <Business Insider, link>

The idea here is that Kennedy will reject the plaintiff’s argument that ACA subsidies cannot be paid to citizens of states in which those states have not launched a healthcare exchange, and will do so because he finds this strong-arming by the federal government to be repugnant in our system of federalism (respect for the sovereignty of individual states).

Well, Anthony Kennedy, I’ve got two pieces of information for you that you might find helpful to consider.

The first is that Jonathan Gruber, the Obamacare architect hired by Barack Obama to design Obamacare, made it very clear — crystal clear in fact — that the ACA intentionally withholds subsidy money from states that fail to create health insurance exchanges. In other words, the federal government strong-arming of states was pre-meditated and purposeful.

Here is the Gruber quote, which makes the case for the plaintiffs in King vs Burwell <Fox News, link>:

if you’re a state and you don’t set up an Exchange, that means your citizens don’t get their tax credits. But your citizens still pay the taxes that support this bill. So you’re essentially saying to your citizens, you’re going to pay all the taxes to help all the other states in the country. I hope that’s a blatant enough political reality that states will get their act together and realize there are billions of dollars at state here in setting up these Exchanges.

That’s it in a nutshell, and yet right now the federal government (Obama regime) is in fact paying subsidies to citizens in states without an exchange, in direct violation of Obama’s own law (hence the lawsuit).

Justice Kennedy may not like this mechanism in the ACA law, but this would be no reason to rule against the plaintiffs in this case because doing so would not alter the language of the law he objects to.

The second is that Ronald Reagan himself once signed into a law a piece of legislation that strong-armed the states — in his case, forcing them into raising the minimum drinking age:

President Reagan, appealing for cooperation in ending the ”crazy quilt of different states’ drinking laws,” today signed legislation that would deny some Federal highway funds to states that keep their drinking age under 21. <New York Times, link, emphasis added>

Hey Justice Kennedy, doesn’t this sound an awful lot like Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” mechanism that compels states to launch their own health exchanges?

Of course it does — it is the same concept of the federal government withholding money unless each of the states complies with the federal government’s wishes.

Reagan apparently had a hard time making this move, but he did it anyway given what he felt was the national priority of reducing traffic deaths related to teenage drunk driving (kids would cross state lines to drink, and then drive home drunk, a phenomenon that rose up because adjacent states sometimes had different drinking age requirements from each other).

The bill that was approved by Congress would penalize states that failed to enact a minimum drinking age of 21 years and reward states with mandatory sentencing for drunken drivers. Although it passed with overwhelming support on Capitol Hill, even some of those supporting the measure said privately that it was coercive.  

So, Justice Kennedy, sometimes the federal government infringes on states rights, and the ACA is one of those times.

But you can’t strike down the ACA over this issue because the ACA is not on trial (oh how I wish it were!!).

You can, however, rule in favor of the plaintiffs and strike down the subsidies given the crystal clear language in the ACA regarding such subsidies. To do so would not be to “give a reading” against states rights, it would be to uphold the clear language of the law itself.

Farming is bad?

Just when you think your experience of Liberalism has been so bad it loses its shock value, you see a headline like this:

20 shocking photos

OOOOh…this sounds very provocative, and so you click on it and scroll through the photos and find…


Yes, farms.

Here’s a photo from Kansas:





And there’s even farms in CHINA!!

China farming


Destroying the earth“, according to this photo essay published in Business Insider.

Scroll through some more photos and you will be horrified to find….


Shipping containers

Humans moving goods around the world — THE HORROR!!

At this point you may think I am making up this Liberal insanity, but I am not. Here is the link to the article <Business Insider, link>

Perhaps Liberals will be happy when we humans stop growing food and producing and trading other hard goods — you know, we can starve ourselves and live in the mud with no clothing or shelter and eventually die out.

And then the world will live on in peace, without the scourge of human beings to make a mess of it.

Excuse me while I go shower off — this journey through the Liberal mind requires a detox akin to a radiation over-exposure.

"So you just read that article…?"

“So you just read that article…?”


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