Jeb Bush is still looking for a way to turn around his last-place standing among legitimate presidential contenders, and it seems the Paris attacks have emboldened him on national security.

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush is calling for a broad military buildup and says the U.S. armed forces have been left ill-prepared to defeat the Islamic State, blamed for the Paris attacks that killed at least 129 and wounded hundreds more.

The former Florida governor is projecting himself as a potential commander in chief able to handle such challenges, as his presidential bid tries to gain traction in a primary campaign likely to be shaken up after the Paris attacks. <Yahoo news, link>

I don’t believe for a minute that Jeb Bush would be a tough commander in chief.

Furthermore, Jeb Bush believes in open borders, and there can be no national security when millions of people can enter your country whenever they want to.

Big government, open borders, amnesty for illegals. The guy belongs in the Democrat party, let’s face it.

clinton bush


Many of us knew this from the beginning, but like the Bill Cosby rape accusations by various women, some issues take awhile to be accepted by the collective mind of society: Obamacare, aka the “Affordable Care Act”, is a terrible deal for Americans.

The following quote (by David R. Reines, 60, of Jefferson Township, N.J., a former hardware salesman with chronic knee pain) has become the reality now being experienced, and consciously understood, by many people <Boston Globe, link>:

The deductible, $3,000 a year, makes it impossible to actually go to the doctor.  We have insurance, but can’t afford to use it.

Yup, that’s about it.

The headline on this article?

Many say high deductibles make Affordable Care Act plans nearly useless.

Nice job, Barack Obama.

The Paris attacks, at the hands of Islamic jihadis, are heartbreaking in so many ways. I truly love Paris, and have had many great moments there. At dinner with friends recently, I fantasized about us all traveling to Paris and bathing ourselves in the city’s great food, architecture, history, and beauty.

I once traveled to India on a business trip, and instead of flying directly home we chose to have a business meeting in Paris, allowing us to spend 24 hours in the city. I will never forget the feeling I had, exhausted from India, as the sight of Notre Dame came into view, in the afternoon sun…tears filled my eyes as my soul felt the embrace of this monument to the Western tradition.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Don’t get me wrong, I love India — its food, its people, its spirituality.

But I am wholly of the West, and cherish its essence so very, very much. The sight of Notre Dame spoke to me more loudly in that moment than any poetry ever could — I was home.

Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite.

But as much as I love the Western tradition, other people, including some who are of the west and many who are outside it, hate it and want to destroy it.

Now, if you want to destroy a group of wealthy and powerful nations, how do you go about it? Should you launch a direct assault?

Of course not, as frontal assault against a more powerful enemy always fails.

No, you must infiltrate the enemy’s borders, increase your numbers over time, resist any assimilation of your culture into theirs, show patience as you plot and plan, and then strike from within, to deadly effect.

Obama with frown

If you were a terrorist in the Middle East in 2007, you may have dreamed the following dream:

  • That an American president would diminish American power generally and specifically,
  • That an American president would abandon Iraq and Afghanistan without leaving a critical mass of combat personnel to help protect fledgling governments (as every previous American president had done as wars were ended),
  • That an American president would embrace Islamic hardliners like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and elsewhere,
  • That an American president would fail to intervene in Syria despite documented use of chemical weapons (proving that the so-called “red line” of the president was crossed without consequence, and that other murderous actions would face a similar lack of consequences),
  • That an American president would fail to protect U.S. diplomats from assassination and subsequent degradation of their bodies in the streets, 
  • That an American president would traffic in anti-Christian rhetoric while refusing to use the terms “Muslim” and “Islam” when discussing multiple terrorist bombings and killings inside his own country and around the world,
  • That an American president would liberate senior Muslim commanders from Guantanamo Bay, for no good reason,
  • That an American president would give the America-hating and Jew-hating Iranian mullahs a direct path to the procurement of nuclear weapons,
  • That an American president would welcome 10,000 refugees into the interior of the United States from a country whose population harbors terrorists from Hezbollah, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other jihadist groups.

All this and more has in fact come true, so much so that our 2007 jihadi dreamer must be simply shocked at this point.

If you voted for mr. Obama, are you shocked yet? Will you ever be.

From Christopher Hull, writing in US News and World Report (“Obama is Dead Wrong About the Paris Attacks“):

The Obama White House would also have you believe that the 10,000 Syrian refugees the president is in the process of bringing to America this year alone will “go through the most robust security process of anybody who’s contemplating travel to the United States.” Just last week, the administration acknowledged that it was bringing online refugee screening outposts in the Middle East to “push out really ambitious goals” to “increase the channels” for bringing Syrians to America.

Unfortunately, President Obama’s own FBI director, James Comey, says the U.S. can’t properly vet Syrians for ties to Islamic jihad. Likewise, the assistant director for the FBI, Michael Steinback, has told Congress that when it comes to Syrian refugees, “We don’t have it under control.”

And so the accelerating suicide of the United States of America continues.

Since the Paris attacks Friday night, the internet has been flooded with examples of worldwide expressions of solidarity with France. On the one hand I find this to be touching and reaffirming of the goodness in many corners of the earth.

On the other hand, I am growing tired of the world’s sympathy for each “bloodbath” of terrorist carnage perpetrated against innocent Westerners, whether in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, committed by Muslim extremists, or the Madrid train bombing, committed by Muslim extremists, or the Paris attacks, committed by Muslim extremists.

And so with the benefit of hindsight, if you voted for Barack Hussein Obama in 2012 and/or in 2008, we can now say with certainty that you made the wrong choice. Whatever your “key issues” were in each campaign — you know, the ones that made you pull the lever for this man whose formative years were spent in Indonesia and whose mentors and parents hated our country and heritage — they were the wrong ones.

The Western world is being destroyed before our very eyes, and the liberty that we all have enjoyed these last 100 years is getting asphyxiated more and more each day as a result of the calamity of toxic actions taken or not taken by the Obama administration.

WE MUST RESOLVE, that for all its flaws, the Western tradition, as rendered most fully in the United States of America, is the last best hope of earth.

Inalienable rights.



The sanctity of the individual.

Rule by law and not by personality.

The right to make free choices in pursuit of happiness.

These ideas are fragile and must be defended, or they will be extinguished by evil men.

From today’s news (thehill.com, link)

The Democratic Party is abandoning support for the “Cadillac tax” in the healthcare reform law, leaving President Obama as one of the last defenders of the policy.

The tax on “gold-plated” insurance plans was included in ObamaCare over the furious opposition of labor unions, who warned it would cause employers to abandon generous coverage in droves.

The tax is slated to take effect in 2018, but the movement against it is growing stronger, with Democratic leaders in Congress now joining all of the party’s leading presidential candidates in supporting repeal.

Obamacare Democrats abandon Obama

I stumbled across an article today entitled “5 things that wouldn’t be happening if America were a functioning democracy” (link), and the second item on the list offers a haunted house peak inside the Liberal mind:

2. We Wouldn’t Spend So Much Money on Security for Rich People

Nationally, we spend over $1 trillion per year on defense. Not just the half-trillion Pentagon budget, but another half-trillion for veterans affairs, homeland security, “contingency operations,” and a variety of other miscellaneous military “necessities.”

But that’s not enough for the relative few at the top of our outrageously unequal society. The richest Americans build private fortresses to protect themselves from the rest of us, as they scoff at the notion of a 1950s-like progressive tax structure that would provide infrastructure funding for all of us.

Yes, those words appear like that.

I had to read it three times to test whether it was as ridiculous as it seemed the first time — answer: YES.

The author, Paul Buchhelt, seems to be saying that our national defense only benefits rich people.


I honestly don’t get it.

National defense is one of the few functions of government that can be said to benefit every man, woman, and child in our nation, without regard to socio-economic status or any sub-category for that matter.

Maybe a Liberal can it explain it to me in the comments section?

“The common defense only helps rich people”

Failed Obamacare co-ops have now reached 10 out of 23 that were formed by the Obama bureaucracy, and the failure rate is gaining momentum as government bureaucrats reap the harvest of their ill-conceived, Liberal / Progressive fantasies of creating insurance companies out of thin air and then capitalizing them with several billion dollars of tax-payer funded loans.

The losses so far, according to a bloomberg.com story today entitled, and this is not a joke: “Your Health Plan Will Now Self-Destruct“:

Total value of federal loans to co-ops that have failed: $1,072,174,773

Hey now, that’s a BILLION dollars down the drain.

Nice going, Barack Obama.

Can the public sector create and run businesses that involve complex customer service and actuarial data analysis?

Of course not — what a dumb question to even ask.

But mr. Obama and Democrats in the House and Senate passed the “Affordable Care Act” in 2010 and pinned their hopes on just such misguided promises.

But don’t take my word for it, take the words of Kevin Counihan, director of the federal Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight, which administers the co-ops and the Obamacare marketplaces.

The stark reality is that running an insurance company is a complicated, low-margin business. It requires a lot of experience. It requires a lot of good factors, and things can go south very quickly.

So simple, and yet as I write this many of my family and friends will still defend Obama’s government takeover of American health care.

It really makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Obama and Gruber destroy health care

Hillary is a Liar

Hillary Liar

What we have here is the smirk of a pathological, nefarious, liar.


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